GTA 100 Percenters Have 7 Days to Get Their Key

Rockstar sent notices out sometime after midnight to players who achieved 100 percent completion in Grand Theft Auto IV during the game's "Key to the City" contest (now closed, so if you're at 98.3 percent, suck it up.) Reader Farnic sent us a screenshot of his (fullsize after the jump). The fine print: "If you do not respond within seven days, you will be made ineligible for the prize." Also, it could take up to 120 days to get your key, depending on how many they have to make.

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Silogon4322d ago

Didn't most people just jack a save file from Gamefaqs? I mean, that's what everyone I know did. I played this game for 4 hours and couldn't put myself through anymore pain and suffering. The game was junk and I will never buy another GTA game, or Rockstar game for that matter, again.

pwnsause4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

its locked to your account, just like how your burnout save file is locked to your account, thats why burnout is getting Trophies retroactively

Mr PS34322d ago

Will miss you
GamesBlow Sucka

avacadosnorkel4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

is covering this subject because Microsoft wants more GTA coverage.

socomnick4322d ago

lol another conspiracy theory.

MidnightProwler4322d ago

People wasted time getting 100%?

The_Firestarter4322d ago

I finished the game at around 47%; I didn't see any point to waste my time. Seriously, I'd much rather play Pixeljunk Monster, MGS4, SSHD, or Burnout Paradise. *shrugs*

lsujester4322d ago

Same here. There were a few extra things I wanted to do like flying a chopper under the bridges, and making my car flip enough times. But as for things like shooting all the pigeons.... ummmm, no.

VgStrat4322d ago

Damn I'm glad I didn't rush to finish the game, since I live in Norway I wouldn't have gotten the key anyway :@

RAM MAGNUMS4322d ago

I happen to be a gta4 fan & I really liked the sopranos style story of gta4!
I'm a mature 29 year old but I look like I'm 18. Anyways, I like the new standard gta4 put on sandbox games.
I can do whatever I want whenever I like. Now, it might not have been as fun as San adreas or as retarded as vice city but it sure was a grand theft auto game. Even though they took out the stupid rampages doesn't mean you can't do it & parachuting & flying planes just sound like dlc to me. Its nothing to just download it!
other than that, there's multiplayer on the disc! Gta style. Your imagination is your limit, which is why you will never create anything special other than a retarded baby.

Gta4 is M rated. That means your opinions dont count because your underage.
gta4 deserves a 10 because its the king of its genre. The story can feel disconnected because you chose
the wrong mission to acomplish. That means, you phucked up on roman & michelle alot & sucked lj's weed &
instead of looking for extra plot details you blew everything up.

What you need is a game that tells you what to do like a lil baby.
I got one! Its called gears of war, yeah thats for kids!
just dont tell ya parents.

yesah4322d ago

>.> what the hell is wrong with you?

KazumaKiryu4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

You're the retard if you think gta4 is good.

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The story is too old to be commented.