My Lovely Horse: Roach Vs. D-Horse

Dan Murphy: "Two of the biggest and best games this year have had horses play a pivotal role in how you traverse their expansive and beautiful worlds. There’s The Witcher 3’s petulant mare, Roach, and Metal Gear Solid V’s valiant stallion, D-Horse. But one question still remains: which horse is the best horse?

There’s only one way to find out..."

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smolinsk1163d ago

John Marstons Horse from Red dead is the winner by a long shot:)

GodisaGeek1163d ago

Had we done a three-way-horse-off, it could well have been a contender!

MurDocINC1163d ago

Epona, the original 3D horse.

GodisaGeek1163d ago

Not gonna lie, it was a huge factor.

MasterCornholio1163d ago

Whats disturbing is that you say that D-Horse will poop on command.

ChronoJoe1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

The horse in MGSV is actually animated better, and more responsive to control that that in Red Dead.

Roach in the Witcher isn't much of a comparison, as the animations in that game are very limited. They do not connect very well with one another (the game has quite a small set of animations) so plenty of odd things happen in the game. Regularly when I get off the horse in the Witcher, Geralt will clamber off an invisible horse as the animation continues to play while sliding him forward with the momentum of when I first pressed to get down.

Although briefly used the horse in Uncharted 3 is quite nicely animated too. You don't have chance to build much of an attachment to it like D Horse or Roach though.

Grap1163d ago

Actually it's the other way round, yes Roach wasn't very responsive but D-horse does some crazy weird animation a lot.

ChronoJoe1163d ago

D-Horse's animatons are far more adaptive to the environment which causes the camera to kind of stutter at times. However, D-horse himself is constructed with thousands of animations, compared to Roach who has only a few.

Compare the turning circles of Roach and D-Horse to see what I mean. D-Horse can't turn sharply, nothing more than 45 degrees or so, because he lacks the animations to do so!

I perhaps should have described it better though, his animations themselves while riding are fine, although very limited. It is however his interaction with Geralt and the environment that lets Roach down on a technical level.

Leucitanious1162d ago


Witcher 3's animations are bad generally, horse is probably the games best aspect... but it's a lot worse than MGSV or RDRs.

wutang4ever1163d ago

In Elder scrolls online you have to pay extra for a mount aside from the 60 bucks you paid to get the game. Thats BS

ChronoJoe1162d ago

Well, you can also buy a mount with in-game currency. It's just you can also pay for one with MT...

solidboss071163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I only have these 2 games for my PS4. Can Roach be killed? I think so.
D Horse cannot, although I felt terrible on a mission last night with my MGS buddy. I set D Horse as a road block, and damn Commies flattened her, she whinnied in pain and ran. The mission was to kidnap a person but I very nearly went for revenge instead. What kind of person runs over a horse, and yet stops to beep their horn for a goat? Flamming Soviets, that's who.

Edit: Soviets, not Russians.

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