Did Metal Gear's Legendary Name Factor Into MGSV Review Scores?

Is it feasible that Metal Gear Solid’s strong, even legendary, reputation resulted in a small bias on the part of critics? And is this necessarily a bad thing?

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Activemessiah1230d ago

Also Legendary Characters with Legendary storylines along with legendary gameplay... NOW I feel like playing Legendary.

PhoenixUp1229d ago

Not really because Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has a Metascore in the 80s irregardless of its franchises's rep. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is just that superb a game that more than deserves its high review scores.

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

Agreed, the more I play this game, the more I"m loving it. Its easily one of the best Metal Gears to ever release!

Epic boss battles, soooo many ways to tackle a mission...MOTHER BASE! They really have you feel like Big Boss, ordering folks around, calling in air strikes, helicopters, kidnapping folks, saving folks, KILLING FOLKS! OH BOY!

Quiet's boss battle...just epic sniper fight!

Lukejrl1229d ago

Playing it with relish. You get a much more intense feeling when you infiltrate the base from any angle, and any method, while not being spotted. It is awesome

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

BRUH! You feel like such a badass sneaking in to some base unspotted! I just love getting greedy and stealing EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! I can't help it, I know mother base needs my help to grow so I keep taking everything I can until I have almost everything in the area.

Or helicoptering someone out JUST because. I know it cost more and I know I"m going out of my way to do it, but it just feels so realistic calling in a chopper to bring in one of our own.

Only scum get the balloon, our crew gets helicoptered out to guarantee successful and joyful removal.

Lukejrl1229d ago

I did that with a P.O.W last night. I was shocked that I couldnt get in with her.

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

You can get in, if you press a different button, on PS its Triangle, pressing circle merely puts her on the chopper, but hitting triangle puts her in and has you jump on and leave.

Lukejrl1228d ago

AHHHH... excellent. In ground zeroes you could throw them and the chopper stayed there. So when it took off i was like crap, now everybody gets the fulton

mad-dog1229d ago

Well all i can say is that even with levels being repetitive, the gameplay offers so much freedom and variety that this game, combined with all the effort into little details, is easily my GOTY.

Some gripes are the silly things that i would consider wasting my time, like driving over long connections between platforms at Mother Base... and more stuff like that.

But the gameplay.. man.. Much better than the games before imo.

Shadowsteal1229d ago

You can fast travel between platforms. 3 seconds.

WellyUK1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

took me a while to find them lol

mad-dog1229d ago

oh, haha, wel that saves a gripe then. Thanx mate.

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

You can also helicopter between platforms, its pretty cool.

Call the helicopter, press Square (if your playing on the PS, but it should give you 2 options, the right option is for jumping off, the one of the left is for selecting another platform, if you stay on, they will go in the air heading to a different location away from mother base.

I traveled by jeep the first time and it was pretty epic lol, the scale is just unreal! You really feel like your at motherbase, even the small interiors they have are pretty epic there is a place where you see their medicine and food supply!

mad-dog1229d ago

Yeah i knew that but that takes time too.
Pretty cool though, i agree.

Moe-Gunz1229d ago

Cardboard box gets you around fast :)

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