Sarcastic Gamer: I'm tickled about the FPS vest (literally)

Doc writes:

"We've all heard about the FPS vest, but very few of us, myself included, has had the opportunity to actually use one. Today that changed, and the results were… odd."

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Silogon4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

These guys are homos! ahhahahaha, they look like idiots and anyone who "GEARS" up this much to play a game is in need of therapy. WOW! ahahhahahahahahahahahaha, I'd laugh my ass off if I went over to my friends house and he was wearing one of these absurd vest. This beats all. WOW!

Side note: Ol' Saint Nick back there looked unimpressed by the apparatus that was "THE VEST" maybe it didn't come in a size to fit over that bulbous belly of his. Naaaaah, who am I kidding? The only idiots who'd be stupid enough to ware one of these are lard asses.

Also, this is the same site who loathes the Sixaxis and says it's worthless and it's embarrassing to use. Their exact words. They said they'd never use the sixaxis when playing Warhawk cause they didn't want to look stupid doing so. Well, jokes on you idiots cause this thing made you look like a complete bunch of $#*T Squaters.

Microsoft_Spokesman4360d ago

I'm giving you diagrees becuase I don't like you, neither does any body else.

Ali_The_Brit4360d ago

its happened, R.I.P siligon aka 1 bubble