Forza Motorsport 6 preview - F1 car at Rio gameplay | TeamVVV

TeamVVV writes: "Driving the F1 car is challenging in the narrow winding sections of Rio, you can see just how bumpy certain sections are by looking at the front wheels bobbing up and down excessively at times. There's also one small section of track which is extremely slippery and you'll really need to tip-toe it over it to get out in one piece.

The different track surfaces really add to the challenge as you'll need to adapt your driving style to negotiate these surfaces which offer differing levels of grip."

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the-dragons-bane1163d ago

This game looks absolutely gorgeous

timlot1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Sense of speed is amazing. 32MB of ESRAM and 1080P60fps locked. Wizards @ Turn10.

SpaceRanger1163d ago

The sense of speed has nothing to do with FPS or it being 1080p.
It has to do with putting duplicates of things next to each other while going through the track. Driving by a row of 10 flags side by side will make the car seem like it's going WAY faster than if the car were driving by 3 spaced apart flags.

The same goes for banners, checkered patterns on the track, trees, houses along the track (notice how all the houses are tall, skinny and tightly packed), bridges, or lights (like the tunnel). It's a trick used throughout all of the entertainment industry. Especially in movies.

Not saying it's bad. Just a little background info on how that is done visually through specific placement of map design.

FlexLuger1163d ago

Such good driving again from the dude at Team VVV. I enjoyed watching him blast around rio in that car that was clearly inspired by the recent adds 'pole position' cars. I think he would have gotten a faster time on rio if he had set it to 5 or 6 laps. the tryes will be hotter and grippier by then.

u4one1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Dang I don't wanna race him... Those are bill payin' skills right there.

FlexLuger1163d ago

I would love to race him :). In class B cars though, so we can trade paint a little without spinning. You can tell he is one of them drivers who you would relish pulling a perfect pass, on.

As I was watching I was analysing where I might have been a bit faster or slower.

When a bunch of good racers duke it out on forza its pretty immense :)

u4one1163d ago

Pm me and I'll give you my tag :)

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The story is too old to be commented.