Metal Gear Solid 5’s FOB Online Mode Already Disrupted By Cheaters

One Angry Gamer "What makes it so bad is that they're using basic cheat engine tactics to disrupt games. Additionally, this does affect the single-player portion, as you can lose resources and assets that you might need to complete the main game. "

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2pacalypsenow1137d ago

Lol that's why I mostly game on consoles

nX1137d ago

Definitely but it's also one of the reasons we're paying for PSN/XBL - and I personally would prefer PC gaming to stay free.

Palitera1137d ago

^ I really prefer cheat-free.

Vegamyster1137d ago


Most games on PC don't have issues with hacks, sure it happens from time to time but its not often enough to ruin the experience.

ChronoJoe1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I don't think having closed architecture is something that justifies 'why we're paying for PSN/XBL'.

To clarify to @nX and anyone that shares his view, cheating does not exist on consoles because Sony and Microsoft have gone out of their way to prevent it. It does not exist on consoles because these systems are locked down by design, dominantly to prevent piracy more so than anything else!

Not that I think paying for PSN/XBL is a problem though. I pay for Plus and I feel that I get enough perks to justify it. I just don't feel the closed design is something I'm paying for, as it's something that inherently already benefits the console providers greatly, anyway.

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DevilOgreFish1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I find microtransactions the real online issue, that you can't run away from or report. Cheaters can be dealt with. And also microtransactions is a worse issue for consoles as it's locked to the generation of hardware, another reason why i invested in a pc.

nX1137d ago

Don't you need micro-transactions on PC as well to build more than one FOB?

vanity291137d ago

You can't stop cheaters. You can only slow them down.

ChronoJoe1137d ago

Yeah but why do you need more than one FOB? You can get everything in the game without one, and an additional FOB merely requires you to input more resources, yet the returns are pretty minuscule once you've unlocked everything.

Persistantthug1137d ago

The truth hurts......unfortunately.

majedx91137d ago

Dude if you just saw what they did to dark souls 😡 pc gamers are the worst

garrettbobbyferguson1137d ago

What did "we" do to Dark Souls? I play Dark Souls online still and have not seen anything off. So what exactly 'happened'. I'm curious.

doctorspakles1137d ago

Yeah it was so bad to be able to play at 60 fps with better textures and alternate armor skins. That was the WORST.

majedx91136d ago

am talking about the PVP cheats AND hacks. -_-

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Yeah because nobody cheats or hacks on consoles....said no one ever. Look at COD on 360 and PS3, before launch the leaderboards would already be loaded with hacked stats. And activision did nothing. Sony and Microsoft couldn't stop them. Not a valid argument. Most console (only) gamers do it because its the cheapest way to play, and that's a fact.

SUCKxITxEZ1136d ago

Alright go play some mw2 on ps3 or 360, then tell me that's why you play consoles. I give it 3 years tops till both consoles are hacked

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Th3o1137d ago

This on PC? yeah this is why I bought it for my Ps4 instead of my PC:(
It's too bad because I really wanted it on PC so I can play it anywhere.

Either way, I'm happy with the game so far...but it doesn't quite feel like an MGS game..the story is really weird and has so many Camera shakes/zooms...I much preferred MGS4 story (although it was very long).

WildArmed1137d ago

It feels like a peace walker 2.0.

Not a bad thing, I loved peace walker.

Not a fan of moving every conversation to optional cassette tapes.

Even PW had cutscenes/ an unmuted snake

Th3o1137d ago

I love the combat and Peace walker was either my 1st or 2nd fav MGS game, but this feels like it tries to appeal to much to a wider audience (which I don't blame him) but it lacks the subtle ways of MGS.

ThanatosDMC1137d ago

Yeah, i noticed Snake barely spoke on this one. I though he was supposed to have a lot of lines through the whole game like all the rest of the MGS games.

Though i am also glad he doesnt talk cuz his lines and tone of voice kills the drame set by Kaz and the mayhem happening on screen. Keifer is no snake. He almost makes Venom Snake sound young in some scenes which is extremly distracting.

WildArmed1137d ago

Yeah, given his past voice, it sounds like snake hasn't gone through puberty sometimes when he talks lol

I like the voice of kaz (and was probably better suited as snake) much more.

Should have bought back the guy who did big boss from mgs4

Th3o1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )


The voice of Big Boss from MGS4 was also the voice of Fury from MGS3. Richard Doyle.

He was a good voice, but felt very old.

I wish it was Daivd Hayter. TBH I never found him a compelling snake when I was younger. His voice always felt forced, similar to Christian Bale, but it's been a very associated voice.

I would have liked Richard to do a certain voice in MGS 5 without spoiling anything:)


Also, This was supposed to be a more indepth into Big Boss' decent into "evil", yet it feels it was trying to make so many shocking and amazing plot twist I felt it too forced.

WildArmed1137d ago

Isn't the boss 50+ at this point in the game?

Which is why I thought he would have been a good fit.

Hayter was fantastic for younger snake (solid and naked).

But at this point, a lot of the returning cast would have been a better candidate than Mr. 24.

Voice acting aside, this game is soooo good! I just got to mission 13 and I'm like 50 hours into the game.

An Open world stealth game, simply mind blowing. Buddies are so cool and completely change how you play just in 10 missions!

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JamesBroski1137d ago

I don't really like that Snake is almost silent now and I miss Codex convo :/

Hold_It1137d ago

That's answered in the story.

kevnb1137d ago

Why didn't they use any anticheat system?

LAWSON721137d ago

At least they can connect to the servers I gave not connected once yet on my Xbone. I think you need to connect to access any DLC because I can't access my CE DLC yet

nX1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

On PS4 I'm connected since day1, even invaded a few FOB's already. Should be worldwide around rank 21000 currently so it's not just me.

WildArmed1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Been having that issue on my ps4 as well.

I get in to get the daily rewards but get disconnected shortly afterwards. I hope this will be fixed by the end of the week. Haven't unlocked FOB yet, so not a big deal for me. But I do want my daily bonus items!

Probably better this way because the idriod is so slow when you connect to konami servers!

Paulino301137d ago

I'm on PC and have been able to log in since day one to server. But after 30 minutes or less it drops connection and I'm not able to log back in.

I don't really care though, not planning to play online anyways.

Two-Face1137d ago

Being logged on slows down the idroid very much. So you are actually better off offline.

SniperControl1137d ago

Same here, as soon as it logs into a server i disconnect, have no interest at all in online. This new trend of having single player games with online elements is growing tiresome.

JamesBroski1137d ago

Having the same problem on PS4

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