Mad Max Review - Bleeding out on the blacktop [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: Surviving in a real post-apocalyptic wasteland would be a miserable existence. Mad Max nails that feeling of just wanting to crawl under a rock wait for the end. It's a miserably dull grind, occasionally made bearable by the vehicular carnage once you've suffered through the first half.

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Adexus1162d ago

Completely disagree, love this game and had a blast, easily a 9/10 for me.

XboxOneX1162d ago

I would give it an 7.5 I think. Its not perfect but the game sure was a lot of fun. XoXo

starchild1162d ago

Dealspwn reviews suck, for my tastes. I almost never agree with them.

For me this game is great.

XboxOneX1162d ago

Yes DealSpawn will ALWAYS post the most controversial reviews to bait people to the website. Its very sad that they are doing this but it seems a lot of people on N4G can see this and I am sure will start giving them a thumbs down in future!

Kingdomcome2471162d ago

I've been mainly destroying outposts, convoys, etc... I've already overleveled Max as I'm a Sand King level legend, and I haven't even completed act 2. My current story mission is to take down the jaw with the thunderpoon that I just acquired. I'd give it an 8 so far. The writing isn't very good, and some of the side quests are poorly designed. I'm looking at you minefields. It's a bit repetitive, but it's fun. I just wish that they'd made the hand to hand combat more challenging. I was really surprised by easy it is. The Batman games and Shadow of Mordor had far more challenging combat systems.

seanpitt231162d ago

These guys must be playing a different game to me. 8.5/10 from me

Maxor1162d ago

This is yet another shit review for a great game. It's one of the cases where the reviewer isn't reviewing fun, but systems that he finds annoying.

This is basically what happened to Shadow of Mordor before the game became popular through word of mouth. It's a shame because this is the best racing game of this generation.

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skwidd1162d ago

5/10??! Are you kidding me??! Isn't that what Superman 64 got? That's almost unplayable. I think if you hate it, you still can't ignore the production quality and that it does some things to make it somewhat fun for OTHER people so that makes it at LEAST a 7! God, 5 is just awful and I'm LOVING the game!

Lon3wolf1162d ago

8/10 from me, a good game that plays nice with quite a bit to do. It just one of those games that doesn't shine above others of its ilk but it is still decent.

Kingdomcome2471162d ago

My sentiments to a t pretty much. They actually did a pretty good job of giving some nice visual variety to the different regions. The sulfur pits area looks almost alien in nature. I also wish the dang guy could jump more than two inches off of the ground. I understand that he has a knee brace, but whenever you go to climb up the areas with the yellow bars he leaps at least five times his normal jump.

Der_Kommandant1162d ago

Nope, i ain't clicking that.

Eiffel1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

This read like someone who is clearly just not into being challenged. Having to put time and effort into a game sounds like a real burden to them.

Kingdomcome2471162d ago

I truthfully haven't found that the game poses any meaningful challenge thus far. Especially after you build the stronghold projects. The ground combat is exceptionally easy imo.

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