Gameplayer: Space Invaders Extreme Review

Gameplayer writes: "The game 'Space Invaders' is many things to many people; it's a five hundred million dollar cash cow for Taito, it is gaming legend for old schoolers, and it's a stellar choice for any porno producer looking for a feature title.

Strengthening this last theory of ours Taito has released 'Space Invaders Extreme' – a psychedelic homage to the original game which manages to successfully enhance the experience.

Essentially the formula is pretty much the same - you control a 'laser base' at the bottom of the screen which shoots aliens who are actively seeking to invade your space. Now, while these interlopers have mastered interstellar travel, they lack the basic ability to fly directly at their intended targets - and so they cha-cha themselves toward you en masse (must've taken them fricken eons to shuffle their way to Earth)."

+Ludicrously addictive action
+Improves original, doesn't ruin it
+Solid wireless multiplayer modes
+Phat interactive beats

-Can confuse your retinas at times

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