Project CARS Review

VVV: "Project CARS is a landmark racing game. It succeeds as a focused and uncompromising thoroughbred racing simulator that bridges the gap between PC and consoles, representing motorsport at its most raw, most intense and most visceral. This is the complete package for the hardcore racing enthusiast that will keep you racing for months, and possibly years to come. If you consider yourself a racing game fanatic with a passion for motorsport, you’d be slightly mad not take Project CARS for a spin."

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cfc831139d ago

For anyone who has played this and the forza 6 demo, how do they compare ?

JVIV1139d ago

Project cars was a horrible broken game on Xbox one ended up selling it

LifeInNZ1139d ago

There have been subsequent patches so I wonder how it now compares to FM6. I never had a problem with PC running in a sub 1080p res but I did have a problem with the inconsistent framerate, simply unacceptable for the style of game.

In the future, if the FM series needs to dip below native 1080p to achieve greater visual prowess (e.g. improved particle effects, improved track and trackside wear and tear, dynamic lighting and weather) then I'm all for long as its locked at 60fps!!!!

timlot1139d ago

The issue with the XB1 version is its 900P and dips below 60fps alot. Hanging in the low 40s during the rain. Pretty game just not technically sound from a performance stand point. You want that consistent 60fps on console, right now the only game thats doing it Forza.