The Gaming Community Is Its Worst Enemy

Video gaming communities are among some of the most passionate of fan bases. They are also some of the most vicious communities out there as well. Gaming communities can make waves and can visibly influence the effects on the way a game was meant to be developed.

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Bimkoblerutso1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

No, it is not true.

Anita is as ridiculous as "Gamergaters" ever were, and this crap is turning the whole industry into freaking bipartisan politics.

You either hate women, or you hate games. So you have to pick a side. Pisses me off so much as a guy who just wants to play some goddamn games.

Getting involved with these internet skirmishes is the REAL enemy of gaming.

Fierce Musashi1141d ago

This is regarding the near ending of your article:

This industry doesn't need the likes of Anita and the band of Feminist/SJWs that back her who only serve to try and censor the medium overtly, passively, or via shaming.

Those who claim GamerGate to be a harassment movement only do so to push a narrative that is based on lies and misinformation. The Anti-GamerGaters never focus on anyone in the movement who ISN'T a troll, harasser, instigator (some even being anti-GamerGate), etc. so that they can paint the entire movement and its members as such. But guess what, Pro-GamerGaters also received threats, doxxing, etc. and yet it goes unheard of from the media.
If I were you, I would start my education on GamerGate by asking "Why". Once you do, things should be more clear, unless you already have an unmovable bias on the subject.

At this point, you are doing yourself no favors still being this misinformed about the subject this far in, with all of the information out there.

Ristul1140d ago

"And in truth, the industry needs people like Anita Sarkeesian and her Feminist Frequency ideas to help right the ship."

All credibility gone.

wheresmymonkey1140d ago

The Industry doesn't need Anita. What it needed was someone to start the conversation that she did. What it needed was for cooler heads to prevail and some proper discussion and measured opinions from both sides of the table to push things forward. the problem is that between is that between the SJWs and GGs it feels like the idiots have taken over the asylum.

They're all full of crap basically. Anyone who thinks that GG have a point, don't understand the industry at all. (and that's the industries fault for being so secretive at times.)

And Anita has already shown that she's a poor achedemic and an even worse critic. You just have to see her and the guy that writes feminist frequency's comments on The Witcher 3 to know she's more Mary Whitehouse than Virgina Woolf.

rainslacker1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

The industry doesn't need Anita. The discussion was going before she entered the ring. GamaSutra would discuss the topic at least monthly, and it trickled down into the forums as time went on. The discussion became toxic when Anita came into the discussion(actually more when Patricia Hernendez started her soap boxing on Kotaku), because it went from a mostly positive analytical discourse among professionals, into a negative back and forth of opposing viewpoints where the actual topic became the bias of the commentators discussing it. instead of if women are represented properly. The press picked it up because it generated hits, and now here we are. It got so bad that N4G decided not to run most GG/SJW stories...even if they were relevant....although that was a course of action I still strongly disagree with.

Think about it...what does the discussion, and the articles always boil down to? Is it female representation...or is it something else entirely. Oddly enough, that is the exact reason that N4G mods gave for not allowing these kinds of stories anymore.

As far as GG...the industry doesn't need them either. GG isn't about the industry, it's about the press not being transparent, and the underlying currents of manipulation that they are employing which are having an effect on the industry itself. Then Anti-GG made it into a hate movement that was about the oppression and exploitation of women from those who hold stead-fast to patriarchal ideals, while leaving all room for discussion at the door. GG then retaliated, and of course, the most vitriolic of both sides took center stage to the actual debate at hand. In the end, I feel that the actual topic of if women are properly represented in games is making any positive headway, and most examples used as positives are more of a placating action on the part of publishers. I also think that for the most part, I haven't seen a vast change in the way game reporting is handled.

In this regard, I do agree, that the gaming community is it's own worst enemy...if only at times. Because it seems that the focus is more on the negative than the actual topic which was trying to be discussed. This article got the idea right, just not the reasons for that idea.

I guess the best way to consider if any of it means anything to anyone is to look at what each side has achieved in a unbiased view, write it all down...separate the two sides for what they are...then come to a conclusion if either side is really achieving it's goals.

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