Nintendo Wii VC games just ROMS and HTML files?

1Emulation Reports: "The Nintendo Wii homebrew/hacking scene hit a big case of misfortune recently after the encryption for the Wii virtual console games was decrypted. Many sceners did not want this to publicly happen, as they feared it would shorten the lifespan of the Wii from piracy, and Nintendo would be more adamant in patching holes for newer firmwares.

However, since the first few virtual console games have been released in the inner cores of the Internet, one of our staff members took the liberty in seeing what one these decrypted virtual console games (and which he owned) had inside them. Upon further inspection, he found that the game held a ROM file, that can even be played on emulators! Not only that, but the documentation of the game that you can read on the Nintendo Wii is simply a bundle of HTML files. The virtual console games come with the emulator as well, and the emulator application is one of the files in the game WAD."

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Alexander Roy4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Basically, what you buy from the VC shop is the following:

- the game's ROM
- an HTML manual file
- the emulator needed to play the game

This is also the reason why there are tools to create your "own" VC games. You can simply "inject" - as they call it - another ROM into the file (basically, you exchange the game content) and it will most likely be playable. I could go more into detail, but I don't want to promote piracy.
So, yes, that is actually very true. I just wonder why this is posted now, since the scene for those custom games have been around for I think two or three months.

ChickeyCantor4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

I think it was obvious the emulator came with it.
The file sizes are BIGGER than the actual rom size, i really do not get why Nintendo let you install the emulator and download the Rom alone. This saves loads of memory.

Even a Nes game takes way to much for a Nes rom.

But what did people expect?
A rom file is all there is... its a digital file containing all the data that would be on a cardridge...
No one should be shocked about this.

Polluted4313d ago

Haven't we known this for like a year now?

The funny thing is some people are probably going to be pissed of about this, but what do they really expect for $5? Nintendo isn't going to code these games all over again from the ground up. Using roms and HTML files for manuals is actually a rather elegant solution.

mepsipax4313d ago

I knew about this months ago, and how does this open up piracy? there are more emulators for consoles on the homebrew scene then there are from official vc, and more games too, if of course you legally own the game, the only way this would interest me is to inject n64 roms into the files, seeing as the wii's current 64 emulator wii64 isn't running at full speed yet as the devs need to finish the dynarec code.

sloth4urluv4313d ago

I wouldnt expect the game to be recompiled. would be kinda funny nintendo hunting down the source code for the games (most likely in assembly) and recompiling them for the wii.

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