Everyone Do the Spartan: Is 343 Taking the Humanity out of Halo?

EB: While the recruitment of new Spartans isn’t itself an issue, after all no self-respecting government isn’t going to try and improve on the ‘Kidnap and Brutalize Children’ method, the impression you’re left with is that the goal is to completely repopulate the Halo Universe with Spartans, rendering them essentially just particularly massive Marines.

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Sonyslave31134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Dude this author need 2 go read up on the comics when BUNGIE was making Halo the human race evolve duh smh -__-

Everything that was in that Halo5 trailer is cannon they brought back the Spartan system lol they still are human I don't know why them getting a captain America drug stop them from being human.