Warning: This dog bites!

PS3 Fanboy writes: "I'm talking about this dog. Not just any dog. The Big Dog. It may not have teeth (though I'm sure those servo-motors could put a hurtin' on) but when I was shown this video earlier in the week I felt sure it had taken a few nips at my soul. Cut the dog down to two legs and increase its size tenfold and you've got a nearly perfect real life version of the Geckos from MGS4.

While I've mentioned MGS4 to a greater or lesser degree in previous columns, thus far I've avoided tackling anything in the game head on. This is largely because, as readers of my last post are aware, my PS3 is several states away and I haven't been able to watch play the game through to its conclusion. Don't worry, I'll pick up Snake's saga in a couple weeks (he's at the front of the line just ahead of Niko and Zack), but I should be able to make a few observations about the game given what I have played (up to the middle of Act 3). If you haven't yet done so I suggest you hit the first link above and check out the video of Big Boss Dog."

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Alexander Roy4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

One thing that didn't happen in MGS4 that I would've liked to see, was a "moo-ing" scene. You know, something like a whole bunch of Gekkos just standing around, doing their noises. The way they used the "moo" in some of the trailers made them look much less dangerous to me.
Kinda like a cow. A cow that is a mech. With two bleeding legs. Which has tentacle shocker thingys. That wants to kill me.

On a second thought, they are still dangerous.

About the Big Dog: Cool. Anybody think they sell one to me to carry my stuff?