Does Anyone Care About the PlayStation TV? Maybe at $37.95.

Ah, the Sony PlayStation TV. A device that had some much promise, yet managed to fall short on many of its expectations. Is it doomed to live the remainder of its life on retail store shelves, only to get heavily discounted, purchased and forgotten or does this little device still have some usage left in it? That's what Liz from The Outerhaven intends to find out, as she looks into Sony's PlayStation TV.

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uth111134d ago

I use mine quite a bit

donthate1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

You must be one of them really rare people that actually uses this device that practically has less functionality than my $25 Amazon FireTV stick.

Also, my FireTV stick outputs 1080p and this clunky device only outputs 1080i which is basically the same as 540p alternating.

SaiyanFury1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

This 'clunky device' as you call it wasn't specifically designed for television viewing, it was designed to play tonnes of PSOne/Vita/PSP games on a main screen complementing the actual Vita console itself. For those reasons alone, I happily bought one at it's original price point of 100 dollars, and I still don't feel undersold. While I love taking my Vita with me when I go out in public to play great games, I love my Vita TV for when I'm at home and I feel like playing said games with a full size controller. Yes the device outputs at 720p or 1080i, but the games this device is designed to play also do not output at 1080p as your FireTV stick does, as it was mostly designed for video streaming.

So both of these devices were essentially designed with different things in mind. One was designed primarily with games in mind. And the other was focused primarily on video content.

I'm not knocking the FireTV, my wife and I have one on our main home theatre setup, and it's a grand piece of kit. I really dig it for streaming. But equally, I love my Vita TV for larger screen Vita style gaming.

Please do pardon, the rather lengthy post here, I just felt it necessary to distinguish the glaring differences between the 2 pieces of hardware. Oh yes, one point I forgot to illustrate; the Vita TV can stream PS4 games from another TV in the house wirelessly. One more thing the FireTV stick cannot do. Also if the Vita TV receives criticism for not having any real video streaming options, who here doesn't have at least 2 other devices that can access Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, YouTube and various other services?

uth111134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Amazon FireTV doesn't have PS4 remote play or play Vita games.

I didn't buy the PSTV for streaming TV shows/movies, I have enough other devices that can do that.

@SaiyanFury - I think many people are down on PSTV because they see it as a Roku or Amazon competitor, and it's not that at all.

SaiyanFury1133d ago

I agree 100%, uth. Whilst I do love my Vita TV, I wish Sony would throw some marketing money at it, and maybe wake people up to what the thing is really for. I, for one, never assumed it was a streaming box like a Roku or FireTV, but for it's fabulous repertoire of games, which is what Sony consoles are always about. I don't like just using money to solve problems, but in this case I sincerely believe it would help, haha.

eyeDEVOUR1134d ago

If it plays all the ps1 classics its definitely worth it... Does anyone know? And can it do it through wifi and/or ethernet cable?

rainslacker1133d ago

Many PS1 classics can be played on it if you buy them from the digital store by utilizing PSP BC. I pretty sure it can't play all the digital titles though. I've played 5-6 psp games on it, and maybe 3-4 PS1 classics. I've played quite a few PS1 classics on my Vita though. If they aren't all compatible, then there is a compatibility list somewhere on the internet.

not sure what you mean by through wifi-ethernet. If you mean through remote play, then yes, if it will play on the PS3, it'll play on the PSTV. If you mean though PSNow, then if it's available on PSNow, it'll play on PSTV.

eyeDEVOUR1133d ago

Wifi or ethernet for streaming is what i was asking.. And yes the vita is the best place to play ps1 classics imo because you can completely customise the controls. Vita is worth every penny as the ultimate ps1 machine...

the-dragons-bane1134d ago

I'm going to get one eventually.

FallenAngel19841134d ago

It seems like a nice device, but Vita memory cards are still overpriced

SactoGamer1134d ago

If I didn't already have Chromecast...

Spotie1134d ago

I missed the part where chromecast plays Vita games or streams from a PS4.

XboxOneX1134d ago

Chromecast cannot do that. It is also not backward compatible.

gangsta_red1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

You also missed the part where it says, "does anyone care".

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