Will Destiny’s New XP-Based Leveling System Prove To Be Smoke And Mirrors?

When Bungie announced a new leveling system being implemented in Destiny to allow people to reach 40 through nothing but XP grinding, the news was celebrated by fans and detractors alike. Promises of players now being able to “max out” at 40 just by playing and earning XP seemed like a positive step forward at the time. Yet during interviews leading up to release of The Taken King reveal videos, Bungie community manager David “Deej” Dague has made interesting comments, stressing that light level would still be “very important”.

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wakeNbake1162d ago

Its kind of hard to be hyped for this. But at least theyre moving in the right direction.

r3f1cul1162d ago

in my experience with everything ive had and read and heard about destiny... just about everything is smoke and mirrors honestly :/

WilliamSheridan1162d ago

The gameplay is fun, standard halo fare. The RPG mmo elements are garbage and needed to be totally redone. This game could suffer and flop on a sequel based heavily on missteps made for the original.

ninsigma1162d ago

Well yeah. If you don't get good gear then you're screwed no matter what level you are. Levelling to 40 means nothing if you use older gear. But I think you need to think about it differently. Because as it stands now (pre ttk and 2.0 update) you can only do certain things if you have a high enough light level. This means that to get into the cooler, harder parts of the game where all the great gear is, you're at the mercy of the rng to randomly get gear with enough light points to go up a light level, which is universally known to be garbage in this game (though I did get a nice legendary fusion rifle in crucible last night :D). The difference in ttk is that now the level and light points are separated you can get into the better events or whatever just by levelling up with experience. Also take into account the improved rng and that if you get a legendary engram, it will at least be a legendary item.

jester11221162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

What I find funny is everyone talking about missteps and flops , yet it's one of the most played games on psn and Xbox. It sold over 10 mil copies and dlc sells really well. I guess people just think because they don't play it a lot of other people don't enjoy it. All I ever hear is how this game is a flop yet friends list and forums are full of people playing this. I get some people don't like it but stop calling it a flop it was the third best selling game in 2014. If anything they would learn from the bad to make the sequel better. They already said this expansion is going to focus more on story which is the big problem with the game. Also think a lot of people play this with a group of friends because you can't do a lot of content solo. Raids and other high level stuff. If you have a group it's easy to get higher light level just upgrade your armor and play POE. So I can understand playing this solo would suck.

81BX1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Ummm... no. Some people think its crap and some dont. Sell all the 10mil you want. Bungie capped on gamers with the initial release.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1162d ago

Basically the people who like the game are actually playing whereas the naysayers ( a lot of them who never touched the game funny enough) are the ones complaining.

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