Sorry, Phil – It’s Not the Greatest Lineup in Xbox History

You may have noticed a certain marketing pattern being deployed by Microsoft HQ over the summer, and it comes in the form of a repeated assertion that the current line-up of Xbox exclusives marks the “the greatest games lineup in Xbox history”. It’s a bold statement, and we wondered whether such a claim was actually true. Of course, it’s all down to opinion; if you don’t enjoy Halo, Gears or Fable, for instance, then you’re probably too busy playing a PlayStation to even bother arguing against such proclamations. Nonetheless, let’s have a look at the line-up for Xbox over the next year and see if there’s any bite behind the bark, so to speak.

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Sir_Simba3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I think what they mean by Greatest lineup in xbox history is that all of their most known franchise are releasing a game this year.
forza, gears, halo and fable have been their biggest franchises for a very long time.

2cents3010d ago

I agree, its quite a feat to have so many games back to back.

But as long as the 'console war' wages, we will never see the end of these stupid articles. Trolls need feeding too, I guess.

Paytaa3010d ago

That's exactly what I got out of it. I feel this year is the swan song to release the 1st party big hitters all in the same year to pave the way for a bunch of new IP for 2016 and beyond. I mean I think 2016 is a stronger year for new experiences but 2015 is the year for the hardcore Xbox fans. It'd be the equivalent to Uncharted 4, God of War 4, Gran Turismo 7, and Ratchet & Clank all releasing the same year. That would be huge for hardcore Playstation fans.

ChronoJoe3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Not to be funny but I don't think the Gears of War 1 remaster really constitutes a new release within that franchise, this year. Just as I don't think the Uncharted Remastered collection does either.

Those titles are nice to have, especially as a catchup for new players, but I don't think they're likely to draw that much attention.

So, what we really have is Halo and Forza.

We had Halo 3 and Forza Motorsport 2 in 2007. That was a very similar year to this, really, especially as the next main series entry in the Gears of War series hit in 2008. Just like Gears 4 is hitting in 2016 now.

However, in the same year (2007), XBOX 360 also had other big titles like Lost Odyssey (hugely anticipated a the time), Project Gotham Racing 4, Crackdown (new IP), Mass Effect (new IP)...

So, the author of this article isn't wrong in his statement. 2007 had a stronger lineup than 2016. The same goes with Sony, I'm sure (2009 had a stronger lineup than 2015 for Sony).

It's hard to top some of these early years in 7th generation gaming because Microsoft really had something to prove with their new hardware back then, and Sony screwed up a little with there's, so they had to turn thing's around (see PS3 exclusives 2009).

jetlian3010d ago

try as you might gears has new content and rare replay had game(s) never release on consoles.

LO,ME,CD AND PGR aren't as big as the games releasing this holiday.

smite, rare replay, gears, fable,forza, halo,tomb raider and gigantic is a big line up even compared to 2007

ChronoJoe3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Ah, I forgot about Tomb Raider, sorry about that.

But, honestly I don't feel like any of those titles you mentioned are bigger than even Mass Effect. And I think you underestimate the popularity of titles like Lost Oddysey, the original Crackdown and Project Gotham Racing 4, at the time. Additionally, the launch and hype for Halo 3 was far more significant than it is for Halo 5 Guardians. Partially because the XBOX ONE was performing a lot better, but also because it was made by Bungie, and promised a dramatic feature enhancement from previous iterations.

Gears of War has new content? I would not say 30 minutes of extra gameplay constitutes a new game. Fans may pick it up to see what's they missed in the PC version, but a handful of missing stages isn't going to entice anyone but the more dedicated fans.

Also, Smite is cool but it's been out for 4 years, and Gigantic is launching its beta in 2015, not its full title release. Uncharted 4 is also launching its beta in 2015, so I guess that launch counts as 2015 too?

Rare replay released games that never hit consoles, that's cool, but I really doubt that many were interested in playing Battle Toads in the first place. Most of the games popularity stems from a meme started in /b/. It's a neat retro title but there are a myriad of indy games offering infinitely better experiences, out today. Rare replay represents really good value for money, but as the content isn't new I place doubt in its liability to sell systems.

I'm not saying Microsoft are having a bad year, not at all. It's a great year, but the reality is, due to a focus on existing rather than new, intellectual propery, so far this generation broadly (across both platforms) has been very much 'more of the same', and I think you're in denial if you think more of the same, is more exciting than new intellectual property.

jb2273010d ago

2009 was amazing, so was 2011 & 2013 for me in all honesty. We have to include multiplats in these discussions & I'd make the argument that anything that dropped, remastered or not should be on the table. In the long term we as gamers don't think in terms of only things that were exclusive to our box, but the full breadth of games that were available to play on our console of choice.

By that measure 2015 could potentially be one for the record books but we still need to see how they pan out before we crown this year as the greatest in history.

On a side note, does anyone else notice that the best years for gaming are always the odd ones? At least for the past decade the best stuff across all mediums, gaming, movies & music included have all been clustered in the odd years. It's just a strange phenomenon that I've noticed and I'm surprised that more people aren't picking up on that trend and commenting on it.

This year has been absolutely phenomenal for music, I've listened to possibly a dozen album of the year or even album of the decade contenders so far and we haven't even gotten the new Radiohead record that will most likely drop in the winter. Great times indeed all around

Rachel_Alucard3010d ago

If we're talking xbox history I believe 2003 and 2004 was a very good year for the Xbox as they had so many new IPs that were released that never saw past the 1 sequel or never had a sequel and were forgotten about till they lost their trademark on them. I do believe 2007 was good as well its just out of the jrpgs released that year only one of them saw any attention past the first game with an anime adaption of blue dragon.

alabtrosMyster3010d ago

The most important factor is that these hyper hyped games are not released yet, none have been delayed, etc. Chances are one or more titles were rushed to meet their deadlines... or one or more may disapoint (again, they may be the best games of the year and could make 2015 a year to remember)...

Anyway, if you listened the hype machine of MS their launch lineup was the best ever, and Ryse was a great hack n slash, better than any God of War title ever released ;-)

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fattyuk3010d ago

"forza, gears, halo and fable have been their biggest franchises for a very long time."

sorry dont take this wrong way but they also lost the cod exclusive first for everything contract - and that has been there biggest franchise for the past 5 years.

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Blaze9293010d ago

i dont even know why i clicked on this.

Hoffmann3010d ago

Same here, I still ask myself since days why you clicked on this.

fattyuk3010d ago

i woke up this morning and thought "why did blaze929 click on that article?? "

nitus103009d ago

For the popcorn, why else.

ScorpiusX3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Since the author deems it to not be the greatest game line up in XBOX history then what is.
worst part he thinks he knows more than an individual who's been in on everything XBOX since day one, he's worse than the armchair developers on this site. lol

HaydenJameSmith3010d ago

I noticed that too, he says this year isn't but fails to say what year was better. Just a spiteful article full of ignorance and undeserved hate...