My Love/Hate Relationship With Destiny

Keza McDonald:

"Compared to a whole lot of people on the Internet, I have not played much of Destiny at all. In fact, according to an online calculator, I have spent 12 hours playing it (although it doesn't count idle time spent in orbit or in the Tower, so it's probably closer to 25 in real hours). The vast majority of that time was in the first week or two after launch, when everybody I knew was playing. I blasted through the story missions, reached level 20, and then abruptly stopped."

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1381135d ago

Destiny seems like a morbid experiment to see how badly you can treat players of a game before they break.

r3f1cul1135d ago

im with you... everytime i hear anyone talk about destiny or cod, or LOL, csgo etc its all in anger... yet people still continue to play them over and over... i just dont get it honestly, it blows my mind :/

Aenea1135d ago

Because the people who are enjoying themselves with it don't write about it...

Tiqila1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

I would love to start playing Destiny when the next expansion is out but I fear I won't have enough time to put into this. I think the game looks awesome.

Knushwood Butt1134d ago

You spent 13 hours in orbit / the tower ?

Regardless, either play it or don't: nobody has a gun to your head. Get over it, and stop writing pointless articles.