Why Killing Floor 2 is one damn satisfying shooter | Gamer Headlines

Early Access or not, Killing Floor 2 is shaping up as one seriously satisfying shooter. Here are the impressions of a first-timer to the game that picked it up while it was free on Steam during the weekend.

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JsonHenry1140d ago

Been playing this game all morning. It is great.

_LarZen_1140d ago

I found it to be really mediocre. Glad they had the free trail so I saved my money for some other game.

But each to his own.

LatinGamer2141140d ago

When will it hit the ps4? I will like to try it out.

Irishguy951140d ago

The first one had the most satisfying shooting of any game I played. This one is following it too, haven't played it in a while(I want my classes up) but KF2 is looking and feeling great