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"Like Snake with the open expanse of Soviet-occupied Afghanistan stretching out before him, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a massive game, both in terms of the systems that drive it and the number of plot threads it feels obligated to weave together. This breadth is the game’s triumph, as well as its downfall. The Phantom Pain is the best stealth-action game ever made, and one of the worst Metal Gear stories ever told."

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morganfell1161d ago

Breadth of plot threads are the very nature of Kojima's titles and not a weakness. Instead they are the portents of the intricacies possible when such threads are in the hands of a master weaver.

I'll read your article when you learn to spell the word "what" correctly. Lame attempts at hipness are no substitute for genuine insight.

SEGAKIDD1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

worst game in the series

morganfell1161d ago

You joined a few days ago and every remark so far has been an attack on MGS V. Its obvious you created this account to have a tantrum. Perhaps you should stick with a basic shooter.

SniperControl1161d ago


It's his/her opinion let them have it, as for my opinion, i agree with segakidd, while the gameplay in the combat arena is amazing, the resource management side of it is boring as hell, i have no interest in extending my base. This is not a true MGS game, where every location is reached by the story progression, not this open world crap.
As a MGS fan, was totally gutted when i really got into it further, this game is firmly on the bottom of my MGS fave list.

Me and Sega aren't the only ones as well.

morganfell1161d ago

You are talking about a structure. If you think that is what defines a Metal Gear game then you would be mistaken. Yes it is their opinion but you are taking that opinion out of context instead of examining their overall habits.Then it becomes less of an opinion and more of a mission.

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SEGAKIDD1161d ago


It's been nearly a week and i'm already bored cause there is nothing to go back and experience.

MGS always had replay value, not for the gameplay, but for story, cinematics and cast that made you go back and re-experience this. The mixture that made the series great was the stuff that wasn't in this and shows what a regretful installment this is.

How are the missions fun?, same boring locations with different difficulty and mediocre objectives, two big locations with nothing to do except pickup flowers and containers and put animals to sleep and add them to your zoo. Fulton this fulton that....extract this extract that....who gives a crap?

Have fun grinding out boring tasks on these great big locations while choosing to go by foot, horse or car cause a change can sometimes be a good thing...

Give me the previous engine with the same stuff that worked over this overrated piece of crap.

You must be new to the series thinking its all gameplay.

FullmetalRoyale1161d ago

Anyone surprised about what this game is hasn't played Peace Walker, and that's fine. People that DID play Peace Walker knew what direction the series is heading, as this game is through and through a fully realized Peace Walker. Though being rude and saying things like "you must be new to the series" when you haven't played a pivotal entry is a bit odd.
I would have respected your opinion if you hadn't been so spiteful about it. If you had articulated your point in a respectful tone you would have shown being open to debate, or conversation. To plenty of people this is what they wanted; a Metal Gear you can PLAY, unlike MGS4. I loved the story of four, but any subsequent playthroughs found me skipping some of the cutscenes to try and have fun playing.
Not to say V is perfect, because of course it is not, but as a gamer I have to respect a gameplay first design. He sure shut up the people claiming he only makes movies, not games.
Furthermore complaining about the plethora of mostly optional systems is completely unnecessary. Here is a game with more locations than any other Metal Gear before it, with fantactic gameplay and options, all the crazy equipment you could want, and you aren't finding enjoyment out of that?
If you find the gameplay boring(that line you wrote about "have fun grinding out boring tasks") how have you managed to be a fan for this long?
What's the mission structure of all other Metal Gear games?
It is go here, or find this person, or fight this thing, or rescue an individual, gather informatiom. If you don't see the extremely similar format, I don't know what to tell you. Now, there are simply MORE(optional) objectives to complete for those who like to PLAY Metal Gear. Instead of a twelve hour, much more linear game, I have a fifty hour play though(with unfortunately notably cutscenes), and counting, without having seen the first credits. If I could only pick one, I'd go with this. Snake Eater is my favorite game of all time, because of the story and gameplay. This game is a bit flat on cinematics, that's true, and I find that disappointing. If there were simply more cutscenes it would have been as perfect as a game could be, imo.
But that obviously couldn't be done. He probably had to trim down cutscenes because of budget constraints, would be my guess. Which sucks, but overall I am very happy with it. Sorry you aren't enjoying your time with it. Whether I agree with you or not, I know how you feel, and that sucks.

FullmetalRoyale1161d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Aw shucks, now I feel bad!