FIFA 16 PS4 Demo is Downloadable in New Zealand FIFA fans in New Zealand have reported that the FIFA 16 demo is now available on PlayStation Store New Zealand.


EA Sports FIFA 16 Demo version is now available for free download on Sony PlayStation Store in some Asian and European countries.

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UKmilitia1137d ago

whens it out in UK onm ps4?
i might make a new zealand account now.

michitarnat1137d ago

UK, probably tomorrow night. Yeah, no need to wait, just go for NZ account ;)

Smitty20201137d ago

Cba with another account I'll just wait lol

UKmilitia1137d ago

took me 5 mins to setup account and 10 mins to download.
prefer gameplay over 15 anyway

thepluggy1137d ago

yeah,i set up a New Zealand account. will be playing it in a few mins.

cfc831137d ago

Issue i have with fifa isn't the game, it's the online multiplayer performance. 100 mb and i get lag often. It's a pitty.

Karandinho1136d ago

why download a demo when u can buy the full game FIFA 15 ?

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