Microsoft Exec: The Power of the Cloud Will Exceed Expectations That Can Be Delivered On Xbox One

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One back in 2013, it touted something extra that all console owners will receive.

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Chug1230d ago

The bar is already pretty high according to some of the posters on this site. Not sure how they can exceed that. I'll wait until the games are in my hands before I succumb to all this blatant hype.

indyman77771230d ago

The bar is set high depending on who is listening. I think more xboxone fans are on board than PS4 fans are.

Sony already tried to have the cloud as a hype machine with the ps3 all it got Sony fans was mockery about when cancer will be cured. Now Microsoft fans are waiting. I think crackdown is a result of great initial design, and even better programming.

That is the programmer in me coming out. Even though I dont write game software I write business software.

nix1230d ago

oh the cancer project.. i used to run that.

donthate1230d ago

I think MS already showed something not done on any other platform, and cannot even be achieved on high end gaming rigs.

Even if we get a fraction of that, the game experience will be significantly changed. Who knows what this technology will do in the future!?

We are not talking just physics computation, but a lot of other possibilities.

It is a very exciting time to be an Xbox One gamer right now! :D

BattleAxe1230d ago

Hey indyman77,

Stick to business software.

finbars751230d ago

I have to agree with some I am not sold on this yet. I really wasn't blown away by Crackdown3. I just think it was a bad game to demo the cloud power. It looked terrible and the destructibility looked like ugly Lego pieces falling to the ground. Maybe it's because we have seen so much more impressive stuff in the past. Battlefield bad company 1 and 2 was much more impressive and it's how many years old? Again I'm never sold on anything until the finished product is out and running the way they say it is. You can disagree with me all you want but Sony MS and Nintendo love to blow smoke and mirrors all the time to convince us there product can do this and is better then this product. Next year is next year so don't jump on board something you aren't sure of unless it's 2016 already your only fooling yourself.

1230d ago
reallyNow1230d ago

BattleAxe said something important, indyman77. I started in the game industry, but got older and decided I like making money, having time with my family, and a life with a lot less stress. If you are a programmer, and want a normal life, there's no reason to be in the gaming industry. Other tech companies pay a hell of a lot more for LESS work, you get better benefits and vacation, and much more time to relax with family. There's nothing worse than wasting away in the modern gaming industry where every meeting is about the game's "economy" aka DLC scheme.

APexGamer451230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

This is from

GamingBolt and their source is GamingBolt spoke to Xbox boss of India, Anshu Mor


Sound like every time you speak you are waiting for a secret sauce ever since X1 came out.

Maybe cloud works or cloud doesnt work. What is known for certain is that it wont be secret sauce because it wont be an exclusive tech.

Even Clougine was third party engine and practically everyone already do Cloud compute. Netflix and Amazon both do cloud stream AND compute.

If MS can pave the way, great news for all gamers.

extermin8or1229d ago

Woah the cancer project was legitimately a good thing... And totally different from what Microsoft are talking about. You were sent data that needed processing for analysis and you processed part of it and the results were sent back to central server, I believe it was trying different arrangements of molecules and what effect they could have on cancer cells? (makes sense it's how they investigate alot of potential medications for things now before they try to synthesise and then test it.. So by people donating computing power you sold up the process and saved alot of money that would otherwise have been required for large data centres/supercomputers to do the same thing that would then have been redundant, instead using the Web you had a cluster of ps3's. Also CERN recently did a similar project with pc's donating spare processor power to analyse results of LHC experiments which done by hand about half of the require calculations would usually be considered enough work to be the focus of a project for a PHD in particle physics. The use of cloud computing to process basic pieces of data that aren't effected by time as to when the data needs to be back at the source is a proven thing and nothing todo with the gaming application of the tech which is considerably more complex.

4Sh0w1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I agree Crackdown 3 surprised many but we have a long way to go before we can say definitively that the game itself or the cloud as a gaming feature has exceeded expectations....but of course gamingbolt would jump on any opportunity to make a big headline from some unknown xbox exec who just sounds like he's doing his part to hype xbox but beyond that he doesnt sound like he knows anything more than the average xbox fan knows.

Dont get me wrong, I definitely WANT cloud gaming to impress but lets just wait until the game launches or more is shown thats worth praising before we get too excited.

XanderZane1229d ago

I think Crackdown 3 is just a small taste of what Cloud Tech will do for games on the XBox One. Like I said at the beginning of the year. The XB1 is just warming up. Next year is going to be fun.

gapecanpie1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Theres two things that should be of real concern

1. Do you have good enough internet?
If not too bad, why should everyone else loose out on something great because you suck? That like saying psnow shouldnt be because my internet is crappy. Also im pretty sure on the box its going to say online is required and the speed needed. Another thing when PSnow was in the beta people were saying you needed at least a 50Mb connection which isnt true at all._. I only have a 5Mb upload and download and it works fine.

2. Do MS really have enough Azure(I think that what they calling it) severs?
Imagine the game sell more then MS think and everyone try to get online all at once._. Would it overload the severs and bring xbox live down?

As far as if the tech works or not is just a dumb question, its incredibly dumb actually.

bouzebbal1229d ago

"GamingBolt spoke to Xbox boss of India, Anshu Mor"
RashidSayed smh...
you come up with the most irrelevant news and articles every single time.. damn!

CartBlanche1229d ago

The question no one is asking is, what happens when your network, or the cloud servers, goes down? How does that affect the quality of the "cloud" game? Can you keep playing with crappy graphics/AI? Can a game journalist actually ask these questions so that consumers can make an informed decision??

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81BX1230d ago

Actually the doubters far out weigh the supporters on this site. As far as hype, its good to be excited when new implementations are made to support or improve the games we play.

Professor_K1230d ago

doubters? more like full out denyers

inveni01230d ago

I'm still skeptical of how practical their cloud project can be. That's not denial, it's healthy skepticism. Microsoft has a long history of failure to deliver. Crackdown may be doing something with it, but how that can translate to a meatier gaming experience is yet to be seen.

AngelicIceDiamond1230d ago

"Actually the doubters far out weigh the supporters on this site."

I don't understand why they're doubting in the first place. If this thing takes off Sony and maybe the next Nintendo console can support something like cloud gaming. bigger, richer worlds. Do more within gaming to make their products better for us gamers as a whole.

So don't doubt it hope it works so others can use it. The reason they're doubting and even denying it is because its MS jumpin on board first.

81BX1230d ago

Agreed, sony will follow suit. Maybe tweek it to their needs/likes a little more.

sinspirit1229d ago

Thing is.. The game is still not out on the market. It's easy to do this with servers dedicated for one demo. For all those physics and players interacting with all of those bits and pieces in how they display it it's not realistically going to happen at launch to the same effect. MS have exaggerated "new" technology several times in the past. I have no doubt it will get a nice boost. But, the game itself is basic gameplay and nothing special. The graphics are okay and while the physics is very dynamic for what can be destroyed the actual actions these bits and pieces make are very basic individual physics anyways.

Maybe, it does come out at the same level we have been shown. Cool. But, it's not proven yet. Don't fall for Milo, fake Kinect demos, and fake voice commands and then say this is a proven demo from a controlled environment with several more dedicated servers than for the public. And, no. No other console maker is going to build a huge infrastructure for this. It's nice and all but it's not important enough for that. It's mostly a gimmick at this level. A fun one but not important. Next generation consoles will be able to do this natively with no server-side hickups. Why would anyone waste time on hundreds of millions worth of servers for such a thing when they will be outdated and almost useless next generation anyway?

81BX1229d ago

@ sin i agree.... easy to show for a demo. The thing is MS knows one false move will send them back to gamers distrust... some called it bs. Then they showed the demo... then it was yeah but its only a demo, not in game. Then its its only a demo again. Lets be honest, this is happening and it's happening now!

warczar1229d ago

Do you believe everything Microsoft or Sony tells you? Being skeptical in this society had saved me quite a bit of money in the past, you should try it.

sinspirit1229d ago


Really? Microsoft have had "one false move" from losing gamers several times. Last generation they stopped releasing big titles and only had Kinect games, then they abandoned Kinect and still had basically no big titles. Abandoned already, just third party support. XBox original was simply just abandoned entirely. Kinect was then abandoned two years after because it was a hype machine for nothing more than profit and there were no games that actually did anything worthwhile with it. Now the new console comes around. They already force everything down peoples throat after their progression of abandonment to 360 gamers. Now they overhype cloud like it's a new thing, pretend like the new Kinect will be any different, don't prioritize gaming whatsoever, and proceed to insult gamers all throughout and claim nothing can be changed this late and that gamers will rejoice for their "innovation". The console comes out. It falls short of PS by miles. The PS4 only had limited stock so it all sold out and could not sell anymore in the US because it was sold out within the first week. MS over the course of the month manages to sell a little bit more. Now Ms claims their console sold faster. Still misleading and blatantly speaking to consumers like they are idiots. They update their console. They turn off switches they said were impossible shortly after launch. They launch a few games that were okay, and no indie game support along with a clause to stop people from working with their competitor before coming to them. Well. Because their competitor was doing so much better their "secret" relationship with EA to try and control the gaming market and use terrible DRM measures backfired and actually made this generation of gaming a golden age with PS leading the way and giving XBox gamers a better XBox that is following the competitor. You're welcome. But, they aren't changing. They are trying to compromise and continue to mislead you whenever possible. Phil is the only one that has been trying to stay simple and truthful because it is his job not to embarrass MS like their past representatives that got fired near X1 launch because everyone caught on to their misleading words and were insulted by them.

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Yetter1230d ago

This is just the beginning

PhucSeeker1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

True! I like M$ and their awesome new tech, but they tend to over-hype their stuffs. This one got a great demo though so let's wait and see.

Godmars2901230d ago

Right now the bar is set around the multiplayer component of one title with no indication that any other titles are in development, or how the cloud will improve them.

And I'm asking this when Crackdown 3 itself was largely rumored and shown behind closed doors.

Findingcrybabies1230d ago

At this point I would expect this amazing cloud to cure cancer. They never shut up about it. I am excited to start seeing what it has to offer aside from giving suits something to bring up every chance they get.

Death1229d ago

Cloud processing can be used instead of a "super computer" for doing complex calculations. It's another tool that can be used for finding a cure for cancer, but it's only as good as the people using it. I guess what I'm trying to say is it is doctors and scientists that will hopefully find a cure, not the tools.

As for cloud compute, there area few games using it, but the most visual is Crackdown. To this point we really haven't seen anything that gets me overly excited about cloud compute or even VR, yet these are the two things we hear the most about. My feeling is we won't see much this gen for either that really makes an impact. Both are in their infancy and are coming late to this generation to begin with.

Instead of focusing on the great games that seem to slip through the cracks all we hear about is sales, the cloud, and VR.

JoeReno1230d ago

Milo was an important lesson.

Godmars2901230d ago

In what regard?

Its not like that instance of overselling a product that wasn't properly developed, in the end crashed and burned well before release, altered MS's corporate mindset to one of the promotion of realistic expectations. Not even close.

The reality is that it took consumer revolt to what was being planned around the XB0, the simple canceling of pre-orders, to make MS address the basics of their gaming console. And even then in this particular instance they're only talking up what cloud distribution is going to do, yet only have one example that's only going to contribute a certain way.

Really, in a way, it comes off as them waiting for 3rd parties to better develop their tech, which is pretty much what they've been doing since the first Xbox.

extermin8or1229d ago

Umm godmars290 milo was demoed a year and a half before kinesthetic launched? It was a programme I believe meant to be launching with kinesthetic and it showed kinect doing stuff I'm pretty sure it never achieved anywhere near the level shown. Milo bit the dust years before xbox one was shown...

JoeReno1229d ago

That's exactly right Extermim8or. It showed why being skeptical isn't necessarily a bad thing especially since Kinect1 or 2 reached what was shown at that E3 many years ago.

What I was talking about had nothing to do with the demand for Kinect 2 to be sold separately from XBO after the backlash of the reveal. I was purely talking about how that stage presentation (scripted demo) was truly deceiving to consumers.

Godmars2901229d ago

Of course Kniect came well before the XB0. Point was what did MS learn Milo when they not only continued to push Kinect, but almost made it integral to the XB0? Why with such examples are cloud distribution and Hololens being giving the praise and trust that they are by the Xbox camp?

Milo was an over promised pipe dream, Kinect failed to prove itself to be incorporated as it was going to be, has hurt the Xbox brand more than anything, yet the next things after are somehow successes which should not be questioned?

Again, aside from Xbox fans in gaming forums will defend whatever MS does - just not buy it - what was learned from Milo?!

Death1229d ago


So what you are saying is we shouldn't buy anything until the tech is proven? What is the incentive for developers and manufacturers to create new experiences then? Look at Vita. Even Sony quit supporting it since sales were too low. Same with Move and Kinect. When the attach rate is low, support is non-existent. Oddly many of the same people that hate on Kinect and don't want people to support it have Morpheus pre-ordered and tell everyone to get it.

Godmars2901229d ago

I'm saying that for the lack of proof, MS's history of over promising and misrepresentation, that the level of enthusiasm being shown by fans is far from justified.

If we were talking about some tech demo offered through XBL, some artsy type title meant as much as proof of concept and stress test, instead of hearsay from behind closed door presentations, at the very least people like me would have less to question.

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ChrisW1230d ago

The main thing that will hurt MS will be the data caps from ISPs like Comcast.

ThanatosDMC1229d ago

Completely agree with you. AT&T has a data cap of 250gb per month then $10 per 50gb after wards with a max of $200.

Cheaper to get a business account so you have unlimited plan with most ISPs.

Angeljuice1229d ago

You Americans seem to get shafted when it comes to broadband. I pay the equivalent of $25 a month for completely uncapped unlimited internet (its only 15mb/s though).

ChrisW1229d ago


It's so sad, isn't it? Luckily, I'm not residing in America these days. I get unlimited 1Gbps speeds for approx $60 a month where I live.

PudgeyBurrito1229d ago

Oh gaming bolt, Your articles are the worst.

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d_g1230d ago

i hope they will use the Cloud in more games Like crackdown 3

the game looked Crazy!

freshslicepizza1230d ago

if crackdown proves it can work then others will follow.

indyman77771230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

So speaking of others following where are the third party software programmers last gen when Sony was hyping the cloud for gaming?

So speaking of others following where are the third party software programmers this gen while Microsoft is hyping the cloud for gaming?

There's a reason for that. (no I'm not talking about vaporware).

freshslicepizza1230d ago


this is on a different scale and nothing in the past has shown this type of capability that the consumer can actually witness to its benefits. we have already seen things in titanfall and drivatars on forza 5 but the crackdown 3 demo was fully immersive. we can see the type of computing it takes that a single xbox one is not capable of running. will third party use the resources that microsoft has to cloud compute? we shall see but we all know developers don't always utilize things for a single platform. it will take a big push from microsofts end to showcase its benefits but at the end of the day consumers will decide if they think its something to get excited about.

rainslacker1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

3rd party primarily makes multi-plat games, and the chance the Sony implements a cloud solution similar to this this gen is pretty slim. It's also pretty proven that 3rd party publishers care more about parity than going the extra mile to provide more content for one fan base, unless there is money from the console maker involved.

If MS is the only platform which implements a cloud solution, presumably free otherwise it's dead in the water, then don't expect a lot of other developers to follow suit....particularly when they'd be doing it for the lower selling console.

All that being said, presuming 3rd party devs do decide to start using it, if we have to wait for crackdown to get developers to start doing this stuff, then how long is it before we see games which actually take full advantage of the tech? Isn't crackdown a 2017 release? Given the time it takes to make games, why is everyone hinging all their hopes on this tech, when it won't even be coming out until we're on the cusp of a new generation?

I'm going to be honest here. The asynchronous cloud compute is an interesting technology, and it is possible to do. I don't find it practical on a large scale distribution, and realistically, it makes a lot more sense to just stream the game from remote servers and leave the client hardware out of the equation altogether. But from what I've seen, this future is distasteful to many, but this is where this whole tech is going, as it's cheaper. MS fans obviously think streaming games is bad, and Sony die-hards don't seem to care. But make no mistake, streaming is much more practical than what MS is dishing out with all this PR.

MS has no incentive to provide asynchronous compute in this manner for the long term, because games as a FULL service would be much more profitable for them, and as a developer, I can say that the ability to disregard console hardware restraints is rather attractive. As a gamer though, it just becomes a future that I have no real interest in spending money on.

Davi1231229d ago

Isn't that simple!

First, the sales of Xbox are horrible;

Second, MS need to spend more money to convince the companies to spend their time and money in making two versions for the Xbox one, (without cloud and with cloud);

Third, make it possible, consumers agreed that is worth it accepted the exaggerated DRM politics;

Fourth and the most difficult, do a subscription or a way of payment that is attractive to access the "power of cloud". Crackdown could be the only one that will be for free, because is the first and the only one that will use the cloud in 2016.

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nitus101229d ago

Err Crackdown 3 isn't out yet and people are raving over a controlled demonstration which is nowhere near a real world example.

Yes the so called Cloud or Remote IT Services as I knew it over 30 years ago can be useful for certain tasks but it is not a magical solution since there are so many factors out of the vendor's control, the main being the Internet as it stands today.

B1uBurneR1230d ago

Let's see it in the wild first.

Why o why1230d ago

How anyone sane can dissagree with that shows how irrational some people can be.

Be excited, be sceptical but at least be rational. Real live proof will be the thing both schools of thought are waiting for. Its like people forgot the whole kinect back n forth. Truth was it was a good piece of tech but not for games of more than simple level by itself.

I'm definitely curious to see how it pans out. I won't even bag on it if it doesn't work perfectly off the bat as it can only get better. I wouldn't put all my eggs in the 'leveler' basket that I see some doing but I'm not going to hate on it either just suggest that both camps should do as the guy above said and wait and see

donthate1230d ago

Yet, you are in every Crackdown 3 cloud story spreading your doubt and "cautiousness" as you call it.

Save it. We know you!

Why o why1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Wut....wrong dude dude...

Furthermore....prove your autospew or kindly put a sock in it

PhucSeeker1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

What did you expect ? You're at N4G, dude. Even a helpful post with great info can get tons of disagrees.

Vegamyster1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Exactly, the last time i even heard about the Cloud from a dev before Crackdown was from Respawn's Titanfall:

"All of Titanfall's AI is reportedly handled by the Azure servers, freeing up processing power of the Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC to "achieve more detailed graphics and the game's silky-smooth frame rate."

Digital Foundry showed the games framerate on the Xone was sporadic, and to anyone who played it knew the AI made CoD's look impressive and the visuals were average compared to something like BF4 ect.

Now this is not to say that it couldn't work for Crackdown but I'm surprised people are expecting the Cloud to be the equivalent to 20 Xone's based on a controlled tech demo, how are these servers going to handle potentially 50k+ people online? I do hope it works because that would be great but there is nothing wrong with being a bit skeptical.

Godmars2901230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Think some - any - level of caution or just personal excitement would be better than the "Next COD cause of the cloud!" that often comes off of the pro-side from articles like this.

nitus101229d ago

I think this is the same mentality when Galileo stated that our world revolves around the sun.

From one of his quotes:

"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."

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FITgamer1230d ago

I'm intrigued. If works as well as they say, it can only be a good thing.

fanboysmackdown1230d ago

Yeah and doubters can say what they want but it's all about evolution and making gaming better. Sony will end up doing their own thing too and healthy competition with new tech just makes for better games. Negative assholes of the world sit back and complain and mock and the rest of us will wait patiently for newer better technology.

Davi1231229d ago

Yeah, don't will work well as they say:
First, the sales of Xbox are horrible;
Second, MS need to spend more money to convince the companies to spend their time and money in making two versions for the Xbox one, (without cloud and with cloud);
Third, make it possible, consumers agreed that is worth it accepted the exaggerated DRM politics;
Fourth and the most difficult, do a subscription or a way of payment that is attractive to access the "power of cloud". Crackdown could be the only one that will be for free, because is the first and the only one that will use the cloud in 2016.

fanboysmackdown1230d ago

Guess we'll see in the near future if MS puts their money where there mouth is. I can see the cloud being a real great tool when the next console comes around and bandwidth for most everyone will be better too.

extermin8or1229d ago

Unless they redo the entire way communications systems work and send data or spend alot more money laying even more fibre cables the world over and then still need to redo the systems eventually the Internet does actually have a limit to how large the bandwidth can get and with more and more users everyday that limit gets closer and closer...(go look it up there's a great bit in scientific America on it). I can't see these companies going with this tech when it has such limitations and potential killing blows that could make it a disaster and cost alot of money...