Beyond Eyes Out Tomorrow on PS4

Posted by Bethany Aston on Sep 07, 2015 // Senior PR Executive, Team 17 Digital Ltd.

Beyond Eyes is a game about Rae, a young blind girl who uses her remaining senses to visualize the world around her in stunning watercolor.

Rae isn’t like most other girls. She lost her eyesight in a childhood accident and the experience has left her traumatized. Fearing loud noises and public places, she hardly ever leaves the comfort of her own house, taking comfort in the company of Nani, a cat that comes to visit Rae in her garden.

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medman1163d ago

Well that was quick! Must have been disappointed with Windows and xbone sales and figured getting on ps4 as soon as possible was the wise thing to do.

_-EDMIX-_1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Not sure what you mean. If it did well, they would just not make more money?

The game was timed, it was never staying on PC or XONE. The fact that its coming to PS4 tomorrow clearly shows you it was being worked on LOL! I you think they just made this game on fly on PS4?

Lets think slowly on this one..

suicidalblues1163d ago


I think you know what he means. Most timed exclusives are for more than a month. If sales didn't meet a certain number there may have been a stipulation that they could break out of the exclusive agreement.

Think slowly on that one....

_-EDMIX-_1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

You sure the game was not always coming to PS4 as to why it was already made? lol

Sure bud. If it sells well, we'll just can the already funded PS4 version which we spent money on to make.

if its sells well....we'll decide to not make more money on a higher install base. /s

I'd like to know how much logic that even makes in terms of business.

I love how many of you have just ignored the fact that its ALREADY MADE!

There is not such thing in business as "enough" sales. Their job is to make money, it doing well on XONE and PC doesn't some who mean they are done making money and thats it....

Did GTAV doing well on PS3 and 360 mean zero PS4, XONE and PC version? Mind you...that game did 35 million on last gen consoles and that clearly wasn't um..enough. I'm pretty sure they don't have some agreement that if it does well, they'll decide to make less money else where lol

I guys really think if it did well they would just decide to not continue to make more money? Where did any of you get that logic from? lol

Don't go into business, won't be good for you.

Spotie1163d ago

Sounds and looks pretty interesting. Might be worth it.

camel_toad1163d ago

Daredevil could totally take her in a fight.