Dragon’s Dogma Online Achieves 100,000 Concurrent Connections, 330,000 Players on PS4, PS3 and PC

Dragon’s Dogma Online launched in Japan at the end of August on PS4, PS3 and PC, and Capcom’s online RPG seems to be doing quite well.

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diogosanto1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Could these numbers help Capcom push a release of the game in the West?

KidMakeshift1135d ago

I'd like to think. I mean Dragon's Dogma was specifically tailored for a western audience.

XanderZane1135d ago

Where's Dragon Dogma 2? That's what we've been waiting for. Don't really care about an MMO that's been launched in Japan only. Let us know when it has been released here in the West.