5 Things That Would Make the Ubisoft Theme Park an Authentic Experience

CraveOnline: "With that news we're inevitably left to speculate upon what Ubisoft is going to pack into this park to make it an attractive proposition for their fans in Asia, but along with featuring rides based upon their most popular franchises, there are some other things that should be included that would make the Ubisoft Theme Park a truly authentic Ubisoft experience."

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uth111228d ago

* you can stop rides or make things explode with an app on your phone (Watch Dogs)

ChronoJoe1228d ago

I imagine there will be a lot themed around Rayman and Raving Rabbids. That would make sense.

wraith49121228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Rides that don't work on opening day. They sell you a ticket for $60 then won't let you in for three months or they match all the rides to other parks for parity. Authentic Ubisoft experience.

Edit: rehash the same rollarcoaster every year and overcharging for season passs, that's five.

OhMyGandhi1228d ago

I love the article's thumbnails.
Ubisoft is the Spirit airlines of the game industry.