Microsoft Hosts New Xbox One Fanfest in Hong Kong: Check Out The Crowd, Lines and The Lovely Ladies

After hosting a Fanfest in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft moved to Hong Kong, hosting another to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of Xbox One in the country, that will be on September 23rd.

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Black0ut1162d ago

Agreed, nice indeed. MS have been keeping to their word and impressing us all. Keep it up! I look forward to all our nice titles that will be releasing all the way through to Christmas. Love it!

Spotie1163d ago

I think it was the same at the other event but... why is the ceiling so low? It makes me claustrophobic, and I'm not even there.

81BX1163d ago

Did you ever consider that the ceiling is normal height, asians are just notoriously tall people.

donthate1162d ago

Apart from the fact that in Asia, especially HK, Japan and etc space is premium. Think New York premium.

Some super rich dude came up with the convertible apart that would go from kitchen to living room to bed room in one space!

81BX1162d ago

Lol. Thats crazy. I remember when i was in korea. I hooked up with this chick and her toilet was in her shower next to the washing machine.... blew my mind lol.

2cents1163d ago

Full marks for effort!

cd11163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Im not surprised by the interest in this event, I would have thought China would be one of the few places Xbox consistently outsells PS4...for obvious reasons. I'm sure MS know this and make a big push for market share in this region.

I guess opinions on Sony would be better in HK though.

Soap_Z1163d ago

In China, PS4:X1 = 3:1.
MS needs to do something special to win some gamers.

Spotie1163d ago

Which obvious reasons? Not like China, as a whole, has any love for either Japan or America.

The general populace doesn't have any particular hatred for Japan. There are hostilities on the political front, and some of the older crowd may still harbor some animosity, but neither of these make up the majority of the market that these consoles will be targeted towards.

That market, by the way, is buying the PS4 at a much faster rate.

cd11163d ago

"Hostilities on the political front"...or hundreds of years of mistreatment and a general Japanese opinion the Chinese are a lower life form.

Speaking to the Chinese people I have met on my travels they have a much greater dislike of the Japanese. I'm no expert (like you must be) and am only going by what I have learned from others.

It sounds like you took personal offence to somebody thinking the Xbox could do well in a region...strange behavior.

And btw, I own a PS4 and have never owned an Xbox. This decision is based on my mates playing on PS and I prefer Sony exclusives - no fanboyism here.

PSIN4MANT1163d ago

I think if they would of held a presser at ChinaJoy they would of made a bigger splash, but its good to see them paying attention to that region.

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