Cuphead and the Immersive nature of Video Games

Video games are all about immersion, but you don't need hyper real graphics to make that happen.

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FlexLuger1137d ago

One of my most sought after games. Im loving the xbox indies...cuphead, ahsen, below, inside and solus project are some of the games that stick out most in my mind. immersive visuals that dont need realism to draw you in.

On the broader side, games like the journey, tearaway, zelda games, old rare games, panzer dragoon,Mass effect, halo, that new horizon game... so many games games that discard realism and still draw you into these wonderful worlds. This is what gaming is about to me, as well as the realism, make imaginary worlds that are beleivable and cohesive with the characters that inhabit them.

jb2271136d ago

Totally agree..Cuphead is one of the most interesting art styles shown in gaming for quite some time for my tastes. Definitely looking forward to playing it. I'm really just hoping that for the sequel they will add proper platforming levels. The bosses look amazing but that just makes me want a themed level to go along w/ them even more. Seems like the only thing that held them back from that this time is the amount of work & time that goes into crafting this art, but hopefully they can figure out a way to make it easier for the sequel. Has there been any word on when this guy will drop? All I'd seen was 2016 but I hadn't seen any dates or windows as to when that may be.

Picnic1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I still can't find a single article about why a character shaped like a cup with a straw in his head? Is there a metaphor to it or a gameplay device? Perhaps it's literally meant to be a 'pop' culture character, something very 1930s as in Coca Cola and Santa Claus? Or, shapewise and colourwise, a homage to Mickey Mouse without being so passe as to just choose another animal character?

parentsbasement1137d ago

me either , its freaking great thaough ...might depend on whats in the cup...

ScorpiusX1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Think its more a homage to Max Fleischer's Studios and their creative take on things back then .

BattleAxe1137d ago

Two words.....Cup Head!

Ristul1137d ago

Love the look of this game, hope it plays well.

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