Destiny: No Daily Or Weekly Events But The Taken King Crucible Matches Will Be Up – Why Though?

Clipping Error discuss the fact that this week, there will be no daily missions, weekly heroic strike, or weekly nightfall strike in Destiny. Ths concerns them because they don't know whether this is foreshadowing things to come, with no weekly or daily events. They discuss what they've read online and what they think Bungie will do with Destiny 2.0.0 and The Taken King.

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WildArmed1134d ago

Because the patch is supposed to work side by side with the TTK dlc.

Bungie already said things like nightfall will still be around. They are just skipping this week to avoid possible issues.

About30Ninjas1134d ago

And this is why I'm not playing Destiny til ttk dlc comes out

temple1134d ago

Armsday will let you try out the Gunsmiths new weapons and net you a legendary if I remember correctly.

SliceOfTruth8881134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

was any research done before this slop was written? It makes sense there will be no daily missions this week due to the new leveling system being put fourth. The following week there will be tons and tons of missions, bounties etc in fact more than we have ever had ever.

Nineball21121134d ago

I'm a bit confused by this. I logged on to Destiny this morning before work and they had the daily, weekly, and nightfall strikes all available to be played.

Rooted_Dust1134d ago

It's going to reset today when patch 2.0 goes online.

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