The Case for Lossless Audio in Games

It’s good that there are improvements being made in current-generation game audio, but we should set the record straight.

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Volkama1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

There was an optional linear PCM soundtrack download for TLOU Remastered?

Wish I'd known that before I played it. I would have tried it to see if I could really hear the difference. Eventually, after 3 weeks of downloading.

1nsomniac1163d ago

As much as the idea & premise behind it sounds awesome. In reality it's hardly noticeable & even then you have to make it your priority to listen out for it.

kraenk121163d ago

It's hardly noticable if you have bad speakers or ears.

1nsomniac1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

£600 surround sound setup downstairs in front room for TV & PS4. Studio monitors connected to PC upstairs.

If it takes more than that to notice, then call me crazy but I'm not all that interested considering its disadvantages with file size.

1163d ago
hduce1163d ago

I want to know if the PS4 can support Sony's new Archival Disc. It is basically a Blu Ray disc that can store 1TB.

kneon1163d ago

I doubt it, I expect the drive in the PS4 was only designed to handle up to the new 4K disks, which are 100GB, though perhaps they also support BDXL which is 128gb, I doubt it will work beyond that.

SunnyZ1163d ago

REALLY not needed.

I men hell, Titanfall was like 60gb install, half of that was lossless audio. 30gigs for audio, no thanks...

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