Konami Just Trolled The PC Community in The Worst Way Possible

TheArabGamer writes: "Metal Gear Solid V is an excellent game. It's PC port is outstanding as well and a shinning example of how a proper port is made. Naturally, and with all the MGS hype going on, PC players are hoping that Konami release and port the entire MGS Legacy collection on Steam. So when 'Metal Gear Solid Legacy' appeared on Steam yesterday everyone got a big exclamation mark over their heads."

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Man_Marmalade1134d ago

Konami, you are not Kojima. Please stop.

freshslicepizza1134d ago

does sony hold some rights to mgs4 and maybe why we will never see it on the pc?

donthate1133d ago


No. Sony doens't hold the rights to MGS4.

It is costly to redo the port and is it would be closer to a remake including redoing the game engine that is now running on a proprietary and difficult to deal with system called PS3.

Konami likely wouldn't fund that for a very small market. They would rather just focus on the next game.

When the tools get better in many many years, we may get one.

ShinMaster1133d ago

Seriously, blame Steam for not labeling sh*t properly, not Konami. This isn't the first time.

freshslicepizza1133d ago


the pc got a port of valkyria chronicles so anything is possible.

_-EDMIX-_1133d ago

I don't see MGS4 getting a port for many reasons, many listed a few.

@Moldybread- no, Sony doesn't own the MGS IP (strange but that needs to be stated)

The game would be a very hard port, Konami has stated many times they don't have an interest any longer in AAA console gaming and are moving towards mobile.

On a technical scale, it would be hard, but can be done.

Financially....the publisher who owns the IP doesn't even have intrest in doing such games any longer so never mind if it can be done, the company doesn't even want to do games like that any longer sooo

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Mikefizzled1134d ago

Kojima is Konami.
Konami aren't Kojima.

ChrisW1134d ago

Technically if you are referring to a company as a whole entity, you should use third-person singular.

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Max-Zorin1134d ago

Konami want the worst company in Japan title so bad.

bmf73641134d ago

Worst game company internationally*

aquaticDonut1134d ago

They've got a ways to go to catch up to Ubisoft if that's the case.

bmf73641133d ago

I think treating practically treating their talent as slaves puts them above EA as a fact

Timesplitter141134d ago

Honestly it's not THAT bad. It was explained when you bought the game that you'd get the Legacy video, with a description of what it was. With that article title I was expecting to read that konami game consoles exclusive content or something

DaReapa1134d ago

Exactly. And if anyone was "trolling" (God, I hate that word), it would be the author of the article. As you've mentioned, it CLEARLY states in the game description that it's a video. Hit mongering is quickly becoming a cancer these days.

marioJP871134d ago

I'm done with Konami! Last game I bought of theirs was MGS4 but that's only because Hideo Kojima.

bmf73641134d ago

Thats pretty much the only reason why MGSV will be the last thing bought by consumers from Konami

Angeljuice1134d ago

PES sells pretty well year on year. So no.

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