Caught Slippin' In the Rain & Trashed The Veyron - Gameplay Diary 2

Back with the full version of Forza where editor David Game won a Bugatti Veyron last time out. Watch as the new weather engine and wet track physics trash his big prize as he builds up to the full review.

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holysmokesbatman1140d ago

Dear me, he's awful, bless him!

FlexLuger1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

ooh where to start!

Firstly dont be brave on the first lap..he had trye sim set to full, thats why his tyres were lit up blue in the bottom right indicator on the HUD. He needs to remember the triggers are analougue and as such behave like pedals in a car. in the wet, its best to drive a little smoother with your inputs and not pile on all the power or breaking at once. apply both in a steady measured way in combination with deft steering inputs and the cars become more manageable. The trick is to not get flustered by the speed, lack of grip and other drivers.

And come off the gas over those puddles. They will snatch you off the road.

And sebring...that last hairpin...the bumps..the puddles...the understeer it have to be care full.a touch too much gas and the car skips into oversteer as the wheels slip over the wet bumps. and there are two deep puddles, around their that make matters harder, because they sit on the racing line and the outer line.


"picturing Dan Greenawalt with a most unsympathetic look saying "You asked for rain, you got rain. Deal with it.""

Hahaha! Im loving it. It was so satisfying driving with those forza physics in the wet. I just kept hitting restsrt over and over in the demo. Had all my assists except ABS turned was bliss.

Volkama1140d ago

To be fair, Forza 6 in the rain really penalises small errors.

I remember skidding around the grass, picturing Dan Greenawalt with a most unsympathetic look saying "You asked for rain, you got rain. Deal with it."

FlexLuger1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I would love to do one of these vids. My driving skills on these types of games is unreal! Helps that I am not too shabby at driving in real life! ;)

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081140d ago

This guy's so terrible, that it's making my eyes burn!

HammerKong1140d ago

At the end of the race he learned that there are also brakes in veyaron, haha such a dumb.