Destructoid Review: American McGee's Grimm: A Boy Learns What Fear Is

Review by Reverend Anthony:

"A Boy Learns What Fear Is is the first episode in a weekly, 24-part series revolving around the fracturing of classic fairy tales at the hands of the series' protagonist, Grimm.

Being that episodic gaming turns out to be either lousy and eventually canceled (Sin) or incredibly awesome and entertaining (Sam and Max), Grimm is an interesting proposition. Episodic gaming has never been done with such frequency before, and certainly never with the sort of "run around, turn things evil, pee on stuff, and buttstomp the ground a lot" gameplay Grimm offers.

Given that the first episode is available as a free download today, you might want to hit the jump and find out if Grimm is worth your time, or just Bad Day L.A. in Mother Goose land."

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