Brand new Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Released

Square Enix have today released a whole batch of new screenshots for Final Fantasy XV


Some of the screenshots are from a recent trailer.

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Irishguy951192d ago

The one at the bottom?? Wat?

Also the one on the camera phone XD

trywizardo1192d ago

the last one is from XIV
some of those are from an old trailer
the one in the room and the one with the mobile pic is brand new and amazing

Resis7ance1192d ago

Thank you, I'm not sure how that image got in there, it has been removed.

Before I could update the submission the post was approved but I will add an update.

trywizardo1192d ago

you're welcome :) , and thanks for the pics ^_^

Resis7ance1192d ago

You're welcome :)

They are pretty amazing.

trywizardo1192d ago

the more pics I see for this game , the more hyped i get :D
hope its gonna be released in mid of 16 not fall :3

ninsigma1192d ago

Slowly but surely I'm getting hyped for this again and those screen shots really help!

gamer78041192d ago

game looks pretty but lack of party diversity is off-putting.

gamer78041192d ago

yah i like your story better.

Sly-Lupin1192d ago

It wouldn't be that bad if the main cast didn't all have similar facial design, hair, clothing, and voices.

I've put maybe 10 hours into the demo, and still don't have the slightest clue who is who.

_-EDMIX-_1192d ago

oh so you played the demo....

Speaks volumes about the final game /s

Lets wait until the games done folks.

Sly-Lupin1191d ago

...That's a pretty idiotic comment. What, you think they'll do a dramatic redesign of the characters, add new party members, and change voice actors?

Gimme a fucking break.

Canary1191d ago

"Wait until the game's done" is one of the stupidest comments you see fanboys spew out. Demo are and always have been representative of the final products--that is their raison d'etre, after all!

Obviously, you can't discern everything about a game from the demo--but a lot of things you CAN. Like, say, character design. Voice acting. Combat. Art style. Systems and mechanics. Etc., etc.

Anyone who thinks the final game (any final game) will be radically different than its demo (any demo) is utterly and completely delusional.

jambola1191d ago

"That's a pretty idiotic comment. What, you think they'll do a dramatic redesign of the characters, add new party members, and change voice actors?"

Well you're right about design, but it has been confirmed there will be guest characters so that is new party members, as for voice actors it's already been said that it was not a final representation of what the voices will be like, even months ago they said they fixed that.

@Canary, this isn't a normal demo, most demos don't come out this long before the game is out.

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Amubher1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

But it is unique and the members have special dynamic between each other. A new theme that is rarely explored. You want diversity by making the party identical to 95% of all-over-the-world style jrpg parties out there. So you are asking for more diversity by having less diversity in the bigger picture...

This is either nonsensical or genius...

gamer78041191d ago

was referring to diversity within the group of "party" members, not an analysis to compare all rpg's ever created.

jambola1191d ago

Makes sense, people ask for diversity so obviously the mean make they characters exactly like other jrpgs

Zsana_chann1192d ago

Saw these "Brandnew" screenshots literally 10 times