‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ lands Konami their first No1 of the year - UK Charts

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V debuts at the top of the charts this week, but it failed the beat the Week One sales of both the Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher III.

It is also the best-selling week one for the series so far, beating the sales of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty by 37 per cent.

The PlayStation 4 SKU was the best-selling edition, claiming 72 per cent of all sales, while the Xbox One SKU claimed 22 per cent.

Meanwhile, the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions formed only five per cent of the stealth title’s sales overall.

Warner Bros’ Mad Max debuts in second place, while Gears of War: Ultimate Edition falls to No.3 with a 64 per cent drop in sales.

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Geobros1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

MGS V: TPP is the fastest-selling game in the series. UK physical sales split:
PS4 - 72%
Xbox One - 22%
PS3 - 3%
Xbox 360 - 2%

But it's still only the third fastest-selling game in 2015. Batman: Arkham Knight & The Witcher 3 had stronger week 1 sales in the UK.

NewMonday1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

games selling 3x more on PS4 is becoming a regular thing

last year it was 2x more, so as the market gap keeps getting bigger it could become 4x more on PS4 by this time next year.

the interesting thing is that the game sales gap(3-1) is bigger than the console market share (2-1), this means that many X1 owners are multi-console owners who buy 3rd party games on the PS4, so unfortunately for MS probably only half of XB1 consoles sold are effective in the market.

bouzebbal1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I hope those morons now start to regret the loss of Kojima.
I didn't buy mine yet, getting it used later. No way they get a coin from me.

72-22? in other words X1 didn't exist..
Watch a football match and see how insane it is when a team has 72% ball possession.. And this is UK where PS4 and X1 are "neck to neck".

GribbleGrunger1230d ago

With Japan and the rest of Europe, I reckon the split will be around 80%/20%.

SaveFerris1230d ago

The difference in sales may simply mean that Xbox One owners are not buying MGSV, I don't think the difference has anything to do with whether the buyer is a multi-console owner or not.
Although I'm not sure if any survey has been done in the UK, but there are probably a lot more people that only own one games console compared with multi-console owners, huh?

MightyNoX1230d ago

@SaveFerris: Or they're buying their games digitally so it doesn't count. Ey? Ey? Eyyyy? That's what you wanted to say, right?

suckingeggs1230d ago

72-22 ratio is madness... Wonder what the ratio is in the states...

DemonChicken1230d ago

Like to add the PC sales too - which aren't also on there.

Would like to see how this plays out plus digital sales too from all sides. There is also free MGSV with Nvidia gfx cards too

SaveFerris1230d ago

Xbox owners wouldn't be the only ones buying digital either.

NewMonday1230d ago


some ratio with other games not just MGS, last was Batman AK that had a similar ratio 3-1, and Ubisoft reported similar numbers for their games.

ChronoJoe1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

What's interesting is that this gap is in the UK, where XBOX ONEs are actually more popular than in other countries.

I think it's partially because a lot of MGS fans aren't on the XBOX, and many feel that they would not be able to get into the series and its complex narrative at this point in time. Of course, they did have the HD collection on XBOX 360, but I guess many weren't interested.

Either way, the UK market tends to be similar to the US, which is unlike mainland Europe and Asia where the PS4 is vastly more popular. I expect the sales different across platforms to be more like 90/10 there.

USMC_POLICE1229d ago

Metal gear is also heavily associated with playstation so that is a huge factor also, I have many friend with both systems but they bought it on ps4 just because playing it on the xb1 would feel weird.

UKmilitia1229d ago

have a bubble sir.
intelligent comment there.

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

@Abz- "I hope those morons now start to regret the loss of Kojima."

I would have hoped that many actually know why its happening, they are not just doing this to be "morons" they don't' want to spend money on AAA games anymore.

"regret"? They don't want to spend on AAA games any longer, that wasn't some strange mistake. I'm a huge MGS fan, but at least I understand why those events are taking place, Kojima wants to make AAA games, Konami doesn't want to publish or fund them. Easy.

Neither are morons, neither are at fault. It makes complete business sense why Konami are leaving AAA gaming.

I'm 100% fine with that as IPs don't make games, creators do.

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THC CELL1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Our store sold out of mgs ps4 day 1, what makes me sad about this game we will never see it as a true next gen. Ps4 xbox one gen

Aggesan1230d ago

I kind of liked that it was made to work on ps3/xb360 as well. because of that we got a good looking game that still runs at 1080p 60fps.

ChronoJoe1230d ago

It looks like a next gen game to me. I'm really impressed by the overall performance of the game, the animations in particular are some of the best I've seen in a game.

Sure, visually it's not quite pushing as many polygons as some other titles, but in my opinion it looks better than comparative open world titles such as Far Cry 4, and overall it's just really nice to look at and play.

benji1011230d ago

abzdiine The facts of the story are not out. We have some bad translations and no word from Konami or Kojima.
We know PT is cancelled we know that some people said Kojima had resigned as a Member of the board. We dont know anything else. Konami has supported Kojima`s vision when others would have thrown the towel in long ago.

warczar1229d ago

I think it's hilarious that people think that kojima wanted to make metal gear for the rest of his life. He's been saying that he wants to make other games since MGS. In fact, here's a list of all the times that kojima said he was done with metal gear.

I have a feeling that metal gear solid 2 through 5 were all Konami's vision not kojima's.

fermcr1230d ago

PS4 - 72%
Xbox One - 22%
PS3 - 3%
Xbox 360 - 2%

That's quite a large portion of sales just for the PS4.

showtimefolks1229d ago

Great sales for a great game

Ps4 will won npd and world wide for month of September. Destiny taken king is still coming so is the taken king bundle

So that's one month of so called Xbox one will dominate holiday season theory to ps4. Ps4 will dominate holiday season world wide fur sure but will also dominate npd

Xbox one may win one month. Halo 5 is coming october 27th so majority if it's sales will come in November but that month Sony has call of duty and star wars

Star wars bundle has been sold out too

jholden32491229d ago

Why so invested in who sells more?

diesoft1229d ago

@jholden3249 That's how most people on this site are. They're way too concerned about their line in the sand they decided to cross and make sure everyone knows how stupid everybody else's choices are despite it all being about video games that are supposed to be for fun.

It's just another form of fanaticism and n4g has it in abundance.

showtimefolks1229d ago



The more a console sells the better software support it gets.


In spite of their multiple attempts to destroy this game, the man and team behind it, konami still scores big with this title that frankly they dont deserve to be apart of. While i am glad this masterpiece will get its due, as gamers we should no longer support anything they do and prove that we, the gamers hold the power of their success or failure.

Scatpants1229d ago

This is all because of Xbox One's dumb initial strategy of being a cable box that also plays games. They intentionally made a weak system and now they're paying for it. If it was Don Mattrick that came up with that strategy I'm surprised Microsoft didn't have him assassinated. He ruined any chance of Microsoft winning this generation.
What they should have done is hire corporate spies to find out what the specs on Sony's system were and make one that was 25% better.

Davi1231229d ago

What i'm happy with, is see Until Dawn doing great! :D

miyamoto1227d ago

Damn, these PS4 3rd party multiplats are selling like they were PS4 system seller exclusives!


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DerekFlint0071230d ago

Nice to see Mad Max taking second place. Hopefully strong word of mouth will give this title legs, after it received somewhat tepid reviews from the critics. I'm loving the game and am hopeful for future editions.

benji1011230d ago

Did you buy mad max instead of MGS5?

DerekFlint0071230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I got both games Benji a week early online from UK website The Game Collection for 71 pounds on PS4.

Both games are amazing fun, but Mad Max out of the two games has given me more of those graphical wow jaw dropping moments.

The weird thing for me about MGS5 is that one moment it is absolutely graphically stunning and then the next it can look not much better than a PS3 game and both games are slightly hampered with the repetitive nature of their respective mission structures. Overall though, in my opinion, both games are top notch and terrific fun to experience.

maximus19851230d ago Show
DerekFlint0071230d ago

Minimus1985, yes i did say Mad Max gave me more graphical wow moments.

It is a fantastic looking title with a hauntingly beautiful and surreal background that looks like a painting and it has terrific pyrotechnic effects.

MGS5 is a fabulous looking title as well, but for my eyes, at times it can appear to have a smeared and jagged blurred appearance on occasion.

At the end of the day Minimus1985 i am merely illustrating my preference for the graphical art style of Mad Max and i was thoroughly impressed and entertained with both games.

corroios1230d ago

Why are people surprised? The home of MGS is on Sony machines.

This numbers just show the reality of the videogames market.

It gonna be another huge month for Sony Worldwide.

Why o why1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

dont forget to add 'new', 'spiritual' or 'adopted' in front of 'home' don't wanna start upsetting the sensitive

That ratio is ridiculous. One of the best titles of the year, truth is not everybody has to like it but it would be interesting to see what those who skipped this are playing. Arkham Knight took a back seat for mgs. There just aren't enough free hours in a day to tackle my current glut of games

corroios1230d ago

sorry, sorry, you are right.

MGS V is one the best games of this generation, maybe the best until now. Again, this just my opinion.

ArchangelMike1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

The Witcher 3 and Until Dawn (2nd paythrough on both) were put on hold for MGSV.

user89668281229d ago

Metal gear was actually born on the NES just like a lot of franchises that migrated to PlayStation like finally fantasy mega man castlevania so many

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