All Xbox hopes rest on Halo 5

It’s touted as the biggest games line-up in Xbox history this year but there is only one title that stands a chance of delivering against the competition of third party titles and competitor exclusives. Lets look at the Xbox line-up for this year in more detail and showcase why there’s more riding on Halo 5 than many may want to believe.

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ukchi3f1138d ago

I agree, new titles will be the real draw, much like destiny, give it a little time to develop and see where it goes. Those that have love it, others still remember the initial release and who can blame them it was crap. But series titles will only draw the fans back and a few curious others. It wont be the hit they are hoping for. But that's just my opinion

MightyNoX1138d ago

Some Software splits from NeoGaf.

PS4: 58%
X1: 41%

Far Cry 4
PS4: 49%
X 1: 30%
X360: 11%
PS3: 6%

Dragon Age : Inq
PS4: 43%
X1: 30%
X360 : 12%
PS3: 6%
PC: 9%

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
PS4: 62%
XB1: 38%

PS4 67%
XB1 33%

Witcher 3

Mortal Kombat

As you can see, PS4 started being simply selling a bit more software than The Bone before it moved on to a 2:1 ratio and now creeping up to 3:1

Halo 5 NEEDS to pull back some gamers to close the split because if this continues, Devs may as well skip an Xbone version all together. The split is getting ridiculous.

mhunterjr1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

None of the software data you posted suggests 3:1... It's 2:1... Which will probably be the going rate from here on out....

Which is still too big a market for most publishers to skip altogether...

Ciporta19801138d ago

I have a ps4 and Xbox one and decided to get mgs v on x1. Just saying.

1138d ago
suckingeggs1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

@mighty I find the metal gear ratio astounding 72-22.. That's a ridiculous gap

I dont agree Xbox hopes rests on halo that's unnecessary pressure.. Halo will sell.. And that's good enough.. Xbox has now Hope of catching ps4 so all this talk like titanfall will close the gap, sso will all hopes rest on halo etc is Just getting tedious.. All Xbox can do is limit the damage that was done by their first reveal that's the goal for this gen.

Phil has done a great job..

Edward751138d ago

What was destiny? Just wondering.

ShadowWolf7121138d ago


Actually, the last four titles on that list are indeed approaching a 3:1 split in the PS4's favor, with Batman actually outright being a 3:1 split in the console market.

jetlian1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

how is 67 to 33 percent a 3 to 1 split lol... people dont even know basic math!!!

need to get off n4g and learn something.

im getting halo 5 getting forza and got mgs 5 on xbo. haven't started mad max either xbo doesnt need saving.

mightynox devs wont pass up on any xbo games that are multi million sellers given theres to much money on the table

UnHoly_One1138d ago

Big finger, "inferior" is subjective.

Any game that uses the Playstation controller will always be inferior to me.

I'd rather play a game with my favorite controller than pick the one with a graphical advantage that I can't even see.

People have different tastes, you know?

Professor_K1138d ago

all i see is


No where in there did i see a 3-1 ratio that you speak of. And ive only seen a 2/1 rate with the withcer and batman out of the 7 games you metioned despite the ps4 clearly having a 2/1 install base advantage. You only proved the ps4 is not that strong of a software seller.

Septic1138d ago

"Halo 5 NEEDS to pull back some gamers to close the split because if this continues, Devs may as well skip an Xbone version all together. The split is getting ridiculous."

No. Halo 5 needs to be a great addition to an already untouchable class of exclusive console fps'. THAT's what needs to happen.

Forget the concern trolling; the X1 is doing well (maybe not comparatively) but there is NOTHING to suggest that devs are skipping the X1. That's just all wishful thinking on the part of haters.

Rookie_Monster1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Wow, din't know the XB1 Atach rare is actually better than the PS4 for those games considered the 2:1 lead of PS4 over XB1. Thanks for confirming to us why 99% of third party games will be on xb1 considering the great attach ratio. LoL

1138d ago
jb2271138d ago

@ rookie

I don't think attach rate matters in the least in this scenario, it's about the raw numbers. If console x has an attach rate of 100% but only has 3 consoles sold, would a developer create a game that will only move 3 units? Doesn't make much sense to me, attach rate is irrelevant to this argument unless devs bank on the console selling big numbers very quickly & the attach rate staying the exact same.

It's crazy to suggest that third parties will pull out of the Xbox market though, the gap isn't that drastic to where it's a pointless excursion, unless dev costs skyrocket and the sales gap gets MUCH wider. It may make it easier for Sony to get marketing rights and exclusive content, but it won't keep devs from developing for the XBO

CartBlanche1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

@mhunterjr, @professor_k the 3:1 ratio comes from the recent announcement that in the UK, traditionally an Xbox stronghold, the MGSV sales were split 72% PS4 and 22% X1, with PS3 taking 3% and X360 taking 2% of sales in its first week. PlayStation brand having 75% and Xbox 24%. Hence 3:1 ratio.

It will be interesting to see what the break down is in other regions around the world, particularly US, another Xbox safe house in last gen.

Hopefully That data will be available soon.

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otherZinc1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

What the author failed to mention, we're the PS4 Exclusives.

Each title he mentioned, was on the XBOX ONE.

4 of those titles, aren't coming to the competition this year. 3 of them, Never.

Halo 4 launched in November, right with a COD game, and held its own. Halo fears no game. Halo 5 will sell 6+ million units before December 31st.

You're underestimating Tomb Raider. Fallout isn't COD or Halo. And not bigger than Tomb Raider anyway.

Forza Motorsport 6 will be just fine against a shooter. That DLC isn't $60 like Forza Motorsport 6 either. And, it's obvious you didn't play Forza Motorsport 5, I played that more than 500 hours. Also, Forza Motorsport 6 will last much longer than 70 hours, it's full of content.

Then, there's Backwards Compatability.
Then, there's XBOX Live.
Then, there's the many uses of XBOX ONE.

An educated decision, would be to buy the system where you have the option to buy every game in your "slanted" article.

CartBlanche1138d ago

Backwards Compatability will only do well in regions that Xbox did well in last gen. That means only US and UK. How those 2 regions will dominate the sales numbers that Eurooe, Japan and everywhere else the PS4 is selling well in, defies logic.
People who bought a PS3 last gen and already own a PS4 this gen, won't suddenly wake up and buy an X1 just because of BC.
Only X1's exclusive games have any hope of turning the 2:1 sales tide.

xKugo1137d ago

You're delusional if you think the Xbox is doing 6 million+ in a little over two months. It'd be lucky to sale that for it's lifetime sales. I don't know if you've noticed, but no Halo game has had even close to the success of Halo 3(which you must be thinking of to make a statement as ludicrous as that). To sale those numbers, the Xbox would need an attachment rate of over 40% this holiday. Any person who wanted an Xbox for Halo would have bought one last year, especially with all those bat crazy deals Microsoft was offering.

Also, wow at Fallout isn't bigger than Tomb Raider. Fallout is bigger than TR, even with PS4/PC added to the equation. That game is going to sell 5 million copies very easily, if for no other reason but that's it's on more platforms than TR is. Tomb Raider won't even do half of that, especially not this year. Some of you are really deluded in your thinking and don't really realize just how much an attachment several franchises have to PlayStation and it's fanbase.

P.S. LOL at Forza competing against a shooter. No racing game outside of GT(mainline) can compete against a shooter and it would be competing just barely. The Forza series, AS A WHOLE, hasn't even eclipsed the sales of of 1 GT game(GT3) much less any annual entry of COD. That game averages something like 2.5 million lifetime sales for each entry, if that. It's never been a big seller and never will be. I don't know where you guys get this stuff from.

DiRtY1138d ago

The Xbox One is currently 3 million ahead of the Xbox 360 was at this point.

The Xbox One is not selling bad in any way. Sure the PS4 is selling great, but the Xbox One is still doing fine. And it will keep on doing so for quite a while with Scalebound, ReCore, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break and Gears of War 4 in 2016.

I don't care much about sales, but gamewise the Xbox One is one of the best consoles I ever purchased.

CartBlanche1138d ago

Let's put the sales numbers in perspective. The current PS4 sales of 24.8 million (probably higher as those numbers are from July) units is the equivalent of the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined sales, for the same time period, from last gen!!
Let that sink in for a second. 1 console has sold the same as 2 from last gen!

So yes X1 is selling better than the x360, but the X1 is not even selling better than the overpriced PS3 was, at the same point in its lifecycle.

The question is, if this trend continues and let's say in 2 years time games on the PS4 are selling at 4:1 or 5:1 compared to X1, will game devs and publishers spend the same dev time on the X1 port? From a financial stand-point i'll say no they won't.

DiRtY1137d ago

So you are saying the Xbox One will suffer the same fate like the 360 and PS3 did? Selling about 100 million consoles?! horrendous!

And with Windows 10, it will be very easy to develop games for Xbox One and PC.

The Xbox One will be fully supported till the end of this gen. 80,000,000 - 100,000,000 is an userbase developers won't ignore.

Letthewookiewin1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

X1 will not close the gap in any territory this holiday. Sony would literally have to pull PS4's off the shelves and Ms would have to have another "limited time price drop". It's sad too because this is kind of MS's last chance to make a dent while Sony is relying on third party deals this holiday and their trying to use a waning franchise to do it. They won't have another chance like this. Phil Spencer said in the beginning of his new role he was "in it to win it" funny how it's changed to "it's not a priority" now. Ya sure..

Edit: Disagree all you want but it it doesn't take a marketing genius or a fortune teller to see this.

Clarence1138d ago

Your right, but people refuse to believe this. Sony could very well decide to drop the price of the PS4 for the holidays. Halo 5 will not help the xbone close the gap.

Ciporta19801138d ago

@big-finger yeah because I want to

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xKugo1138d ago

It's Xbox fans last hope for closing the sales gap between the two platforms. Though they claim to not care about sales, anytime Xbox wins a month of sales(so very few of them) they jump and scream about it for days. We'll see how this game does against stiff competition this fall.

ImAPotato1138d ago

Whenever they do win sales during a month, they celebrate because more sales is always good, but selling more than the ps4 is not there priority because they see as the whole gaming community under Microsoft as there overall sales ( Xbox, Windows Store, PC ).

xKugo1138d ago

Are you seriously trying to claim that articles specifically titled "Xbox Top Selling Console in Latest NPD" excites Xbox fans purely because sales are good? Nothing to do with outselling PS4 or rubbing PlayStation's fans faces in the mud. Do I seriously need to link you to the April NPD article?

DLConspiracy1138d ago


Not that I agree with imapotato but you say "rubbing PlayStation's fans faces in the mud" as if PS fans have have it so rough this gen. It's been a nonstop bashing of xbox anything for years. All because it's not as popular or best selling. Someone's preference and enjoyment isn't based on sales to them.

lategamer1138d ago

A few fans =/= whole fan base.

Some Xbox fans hate Halo. Does that meant they all hate Halo?

Mrveryodd1138d ago

True that .....i have bought all 3 xbox's and never bought a halo game. Not saying ihate halo , just never got around to paying them .

SockeyBoy1138d ago

Oh c'mon Sony fans were doing the same thing last gen too. Fanboys of both consoles do all the same crap.

ninsigma1138d ago

I think we need to stop talking about sales now. It's kinda pointless. It's very unlikely the xbox will catch ps4 in sales and I don't really see anyone claiming that it will. It's become a stale argument that invades every comment section, we don't need it.

ThatOneRiggaNob1138d ago

Basically. It seems people bring up that same topic over and over again just so people can say the same thing over and over again. It's been old for soo long and now it's just sad at this point.

Johnap1138d ago

And honestly what does it matter if the PS4 or the Xbox One sells more during any given month? How does it affect anyone? It doesn't. Just play on your system of choice and enjoy.

CartBlanche1138d ago

if we agree that the gap is not stagnant but is in fact increasing every week, the next question is, if this trend continues and let's say in 2 years time games on the PS4 are selling at 4:1 or 5:1 compared to X1, will game devs and publishers spend the same dev time on the X1 port? From a financial stand-point i'll say no they won't.
The X1 gamers will be the ones who suffer, if that happens.

Kiwi661138d ago

Most xbox fans don't bring up about sales in articles that have nothing to do with sales unlike some playstation fans do so isn't that them rubbing xbox fans faces in the mud as you say xbox fans do

FlexLuger1138d ago

"It's Xbox fans last hope for closing the sales gap between the two platforms."

you are delusional if you are sitting their thinking xbox fans are sitting their hoping halo will magically cause the xbox to start outselling PS4. Common sense would tell you that will simply not be the case. Xbox owners are not claiming it to be the case so why would YOU assume we are? your whole post exposes you as a fanboy. All you did was rant about your oown opinion on how you THINK xbox owners feel.

Truth of the matter is none of will be playing halo and thinking about sales. Our games are fun and have a way of notmaking us think "Gosh. I enjoyed halo so much..I need to tell N4G about sales"..thats YOUR thing! Halo is a great game that makes you just focus on the game. lol

xKugo1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I'm eagerly awaiting the day that it releases, along with subsequent articles about it's sales and the NPD that follows. I can guarantee you that their will be Xbox fans in those articles preaching how "It's the best game EVER made" or "This game will close the gap between the PS4 and Xbox in NA". I'm so confident, I would be willing to bet that YOU, yourself, will also partake in these discussions. You are an admitted Xbox fanboy and avid lover of all things Forza and Halo.

I find it so laughable that you would say that Xbox fans aren't dreaming of a day where Xbox is the lead console, both commercially and in-terms of power. If that weren't the case, you wouldn't be preaching DX12 and the cloud to high heaven as the 'next savior' for Xbox. An API release and software advancement has never been so hyped by people in Microsoft's history. Very little to none is known about either DX12 or Cloud-rendering(especially here on N4G) but so many of you are sure that their the greatest things to grace gaming since FF7.

Also that post hardly qualifies as a rant, as it was nothing more than 2- 3 sentences voicing my opinion on how Xbox owners view Halo. Post is completely devoid of derogatory language, sly remarks and insults. You may disagree with it, but that doesn't make it a rant. Sorry, not sorry...

FlexLuger1137d ago


Just so you know...Im going to enjoy this.

"I can guarantee you that their will be Xbox fans in those articles preaching how "It's the best game EVER made" or "This game will close the gap between the PS4 and Xbox in NA"."

So what? how is that any different to the once silent PS3 fans in NPD article that suddenly became VERY vocal about sales when the PS4 was clearly leading in sales? I never complained about them. There silence never effected me back then anymore than the jerk circle fests they have in NPD articles now. the fact that it bothers you enough to rant about it,exposes your own inner fanboy. It makes you regress to your PS3 era attitude on N4G. I go on the offence when I encounter trolls, like you. I never post in PS4 articles, even though I have one. Ever noticed that? Because I know I have been at odds with many of you guys in xbox threads. If you put your self in that place, with me...aint no coming back. and you done that ages ago. I wish the closed zones came back. I just dont like seeing people like you in xbox comments sections. You bring bad vibes and add nothing meaningful to the topic.

And guess what? I still wont care! I will be playing forza, halo, TR, along with fallout 4, star wars and R6:seige and ogling m collection of controllers this fall...I might not even be on N4G, bacuse Ill be in my games. Dont be surprised if other xbox gamers are hardly signed in to N4G during the fall. Sales or not the games are great. And thats all I care about. You go play NPD numbers. My games are better.

"You are an admitted Xbox fanboy and avid lover of all things Forza and Halo. "

LOL..The guy with only one console calling me a fanboy...Dat PS4 juju juice got you messed up, homie.


"I find it so laughable that you would say that Xbox fans aren't dreaming of a day where Xbox is the lead console, both commercially and in-terms of power."

Because the reality is so are having a hard time with this aint ya? The world literally revolves around console wars and your obsession with xbox gamers, for you clearly..THAT is laughable. Listen to yourself...People dream about their own ambitions in life, not some company that dont pay their light bills winning some imaginary console war. You need another hobby. This hobby has you fighting wars in your head that dont exist.

Anyway.A bit of advice:

quaneylfc1138d ago

Why would Xbox fans care?

I repeatedly ask this question:

Why would anyone, who is not a shareholder give a damn about sales?

remixx1161138d ago

I said that and got marked for trolling lol

FreddyFazbear1138d ago

Financially no, But the best selling console will have the "MOST" support which is exclusive games and better Multiplat versions which will benefit gamers of said console.

quaneylfc1138d ago

They get enough support as it is..
The best selling console arguably gets less support because the company doesn't feel the need to provide any for the winner.

CartBlanche1138d ago

because if this trend continues and let's say in 2 years time games on the PS4 are selling at 4:1 or 5:1 compared to X1, will game devs and publishers spend the same dev time on the X1 port? From a financial stand-point i'll say no they won't.
The X1 gamers will be the ones who suffer, if that happens.
Don't care about sales if you don't want to, but ultimately that is what game devs will look at when they decide which is their primary platform and where they will get a better return on investment.

quaneylfc1138d ago


That would be worrying if it wasn't a Microsoft owned, next Gen console.

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PFFT1138d ago

Halo 5 will do just fine as it always does.There is very little competition to speak of anyways. Besides who cares about sales?? Its not like we benefit from it. So it doesnt matter who sales less or who sales more.

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stuna11138d ago

For Microsoft to say they don't care about sells, the only people who would believe that are the extremely deluded fanboiz! Of course the care about sells. As do Sony and Nintendo. No console sells, no software sells.

On topic; A lot is riding on Halo 5, Microsoft hasn't been able to compete pushing 3rd party games to push the Xbox1 consoles. Maybe by Halo 5 being a 1st party exclusive that will be the key to boost sells, but they definitely can't stop with this 1 major release! They are going to have to keep the ball rolling with consistent releases.

SirJoJo1138d ago

Which by the looks of their 2016 line up, seems to be just what they are doing. But enough with the sales... I just can't wait to get my hands on this game! Man I wish I took time off work when it drops, gonna have to tell the misses to go stay with her mates for at least a week!

andibandit1138d ago

"For Microsoft to say they don't care about sells"

But they didn't really say that did they.. only people who would believe that are the extremely deluded fanboiz!

Phil spencer said catching up the the PS4 wasnt his priority, problably because they realize they cant catch up to the PS4, so why not spend their efforts elsewhere.

Clarence1138d ago

It's not just fanboys who care about sales, M$ cares as well. I remember Aron Greenberg specifically gloating about sales last gen.

Now you don't hear a peep from their camp.

Eonjay1138d ago

I really don't think anyone needs to worry about Halo 5 selling big. The issue Microsoft faces is with 3rd parties and marketshare altogether. In truth, Microsoft would like games (exclusive or not) to be associated with Xbox. That is why the COD deal alone with the competitive going over to PS4 is such a big deal. No first party title has the power of the giant 3rd party games.

PhucSeeker1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I do care about sales. If the Xbone doesn't sell more unit than the Ps4, M$ will continue to push out more games to invite more players over. And that is awesome.

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RiseofScorpio1138d ago

What hope? Stop with this "if your not first your last" mentality.

StrayaKNT1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Halo 5 will be HUGE. My most anticipated game this year I've been waiting so long for it and the beta was perfect. So soon.

Forza demo is perfect, Tomb raider is going to be huge but Halo will just dominate the mp scene. Lots of amazing games coming out soon.

ninsigma1138d ago

"Halo will just dominate the mp scene."

Hmmmm I don't know about that. Destiny still has a huge fan base and with ttk coming next week that game is going to be seeing a lot of play time from a lot of people. And in November battlefront drops. That's going to be a major player in the mp space and considering it's a star wars game as well as there being an already big fan base from previous battlefront games, it's going to be huge. No doubt halo 5 will be huge, I loved the beta and can't wait for some Warzone but it has two big hitters to compete with and they are multiplat vs halo being exclusive.

SirJoJo1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Please never mention that disgrace of a game in the same vain as halo. Now battlefront on the other hand will be awesome! It will fit nicely next to halo for my split screen co-op fix!

ninsigma1138d ago

Destiny has a huge fan base enjoying the great online play the game offers. Don't like the game?? Fine. But whether you like it or not Destiny is a massive title. You're not correct over the mass of people still playing.

SirJoJo1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I'm willing to bet, without even investigating that the Halo fan base is a lot bigger than the Destiny fan base and thats even as an exclusive.

ninsigma1138d ago

Which is completely irrelevant to calling the game a "disgrace".

But I'm willing to bet that call of duty (xbox only sales) beats halo on number of players. Does that mean halo is a disgrace?? Or maybe it has no meaning what so ever.

Also, according to ign destiny player count has hit 20 million (granted that doesn't take into account people who have stopped playing but I'm willing to bet the majority still are).

SirJoJo1138d ago

I think you completely missed my point and at the same time took things a little too literally. I am comparing Destiny to Halo, it's you who decided to bring up fanbase, I am saying compared to Halo, Destiny is shite!.

ninsigma1138d ago

Look, I'm not trying to argue but I'm tired that people can't even mention destiny without someone saying something stupid about it. Fact is you weren't "comparing destiny to halo". You called the game a disgrace I didn't want it mentioned in the same sentence as halo. That's not a comparison. Maybe you meant it in a different way but that's not how you wrote it. I mentioned fanbase because it shows millions disagree with that sentiment.

Destiny is also not "shite" in comparison to halo. In your opinion it's shite in comparison and that's fair enough. Im not going to tell you your own opinion. But while destiny has had a myriad of problems during year one (I myself quit because of the problems) it's mechanically one of the best this gen and it has a great premise. Ttk is making huge strides into making the game better for the players. Other games with problems just fall off the radar and essentially everyone stops caring about them (evolve had almost as much hype as destiny and that just took a dive) but destiny is constantly evolving and the millions of players who still play it love it. In no way is it hard fact that it's shite in any shape or form.

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MetalGear811138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I would have to go with Star Wars battlefront and Call of Duty black ops 3 will dominate the mp scene this holiday and sell more too. Halo is Microsoft last chance to catch up with Sony. There number one selling franchise (Halo). And stop saying Tomb Raider that is not a Microsoft exclusive and it will never be lol.