The Best MGS5 Quiet Cosplays Around the Net

The release of Metal Gear Solid 5 makes the female sniper Quiet a popular video character again on the internet. Cosplayers are working hard to bring the character to real life.

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Jakiro1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Enough Internet for today!

ArchangelMike1230d ago

That pic made me laugh hard!

maximus19851230d ago

thats the hottest thing ive ever seen in my damn life

medman1230d ago

What have you done to my eyes!!!

one2thr1230d ago

Yup, the mind can in fact throw-up.

acemonkey1230d ago

wtf bro lol

@arch it got you hard brah lol

MSBAUSTX1229d ago

Hands down the best. My man rocking it LOL!

DEEBO1229d ago

Lol man that's mess up but so funny.

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scark921230d ago

God Bless Kojima, (Except for the last one. :D)

MacDonagh1230d ago

Those cosplays are very well done.

The feminists won't like it though; being the self-appointed moral guardians that they are.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Funny how that works... On one hand they say a woman should be able to dress how she wants, but when it comes to a fictional character, or the people who CHOOSE to cosplay as such, no longer does that apply. #feministlogic

EjWarrior1230d ago

maybe the best that you have found but is not the best on the net!

JMyers1230d ago

Check Sssniperwolf's cosplay of quiet.

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