Disney Infinity 3.0 review – the Force is strong with this one | Metro

So far Disney Infinity’s toys-to-life games haven’t impressed – but does adding Star Wars to the mix finally make for a good game?

The strangest thing about all these toys-to-life franchises is that most of them are actually pretty good. The Skylanders titles are all very well made family-friendly games, Lego Dimensions is presumably at least as good as most Lego movie titles, and Nintendo’s amiibos offer an increasingly wide range of fun features. The one that’s been letting the side down is Disney Infinity, which up until now has been exactly the sort of cynical cash grab you’d assume they all were. But now it’s really good too.

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urwifeminder1164d ago

Checked out some game play vids this looks pretty good not sure about the toy gear but may give it a crack some day.