Lesbian Gamer: Butch Character Creation

Lesbian Gamer writes:

"As gay gamers we have faced complete exclusion or harsh portrayals. Only a few years ago, character options were infinitely more limited, but sometimes progress isn't pressed to go as far as it should. As tough as it is to be gender-different in the real world, at least you have control over your gender expression. It's near impossible to be anything other than a he-man or a girly-girl in a video game. Please, developers, give the rest of us some recognition."

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marionz4326d ago

dont get me wrong, gay lesbian bi straight whatever you are doesnt bother me at all, but this is news for GAMERS, we are all gamers and dont need catagories

the only thing that ticks me off is when people get in your face with the whole were here were queer get ova it attitude, people are people, thats why i reported this story, drop the attitude sexuality doesnt equal personality

Wildarmsjecht4326d ago

Sweet sassy Molassy, everything I've wanted to say about this, you've done it in a nice little package. I feel the same exact way from beginning to end. When you decide to bring in your sexual orientation or race or w/e in a world that should only be about gaming and gaming with others, you're not helping at all. Thank you for that comment.

yesah4325d ago

well, the developers arent going to go through all that trouble just to please the 1% of gamers that want it. They are going to put in what sells the game. Thats why mods were created, point and fact if your willing to write such a long article about it and not download and install a simple mod, you are just looking for something to write about on a slow news day.

Superfragilistic4325d ago

Now if only you could talk some sense into the feminists upset about Fat Princess. ;)

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4325d ago

I feel the same way. Bringing sexual orientation into it is pure BS.

Her arguement is pathetic its like me saying "Hey I have a dimple on my left check, some freckles, my left knee cracks when I move it, my left arm is shorter than my right and games dont allow me to make a character to match me 100% OH NO! I better make a complaint about how game developers are prejudice against people that are as asymmetrical such as myself by not incorporating my characteristics!

I really believe that some people love to use what they think may be minorities to push their case and get what they want.

As far a he-man and girly-girl go, thats the way games are made to give us the feeling of what it might be like to be a generic super hero (not all the time), does it really take 50 bullets to kill someone, if you die in real life do you re-spawn? Of course not. Games are just that, games! If you want to be yourself but a super hero, then go out in public and spin webs to fly on buildings or go blow yourself up and respawn :P

desudesudesu4320d ago

Since 99.999% of the readers here are aspies who live to troll, troll to live.

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SonySoldierEternaL4326d ago

looks like a BOT with that green armor

RoyBoys4326d ago

Idk what this article is about but BOTs suck and Iam no longer one. My Ps3 comes super soon and I can destroy by suxbox

outlawlife4325d ago

you seriously have nothing else to do?

morganfell4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )


With that article, they just forfeited any rights to complain about fat, chukka boot wearing, mullet headed stereotypes. They are begging, no they are openly asking for people to take pot shots at them. And they have no right to complain when that happens. They are all about freedom of expression, eh? Well he is giving them some and they have to learn that it isn't just their freedom that matters.

patchie4323d ago

There's nothing wrong with saying that *some* lesbians are butch and wear boots and men's clothes. There's nothing wrong with being butch. It's just that not every single lesbian in the world is like that. For example, just because some people are vegetarian, it does not mean that every single human being is vegetarian.

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gano4326d ago

I'm just saying can i get a girl to game with. Jus hidin and

crippler6664325d ago

Okay while we are here, can we please start having beer bellied middle age men so I don't feel so put out?

crippler6664325d ago

Sorry mum, I am what I am.

outlawlife4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

i really hate politically correct phrases like "gender different"

just because you are gay doesn't make you a different class of person, it doesn't make you entitled to your own little niche character in a video game

the characters in video games don't look like 99% of the straight people i know, and i've never seen a character in a game that accurately represents myself so whats makes this person any different from any other gamer?

more often than not it is the gay culture that alienates themselves from the general population, you're gay so what?

i get really annoyed by people who get on their gay soapbox and rant about things, whatever person you choose to have sex with is your decision it doesn't always have to be this holier than thou gay activist stuff

just because you think you are different and you choose to alienate yourself by forcing this so called difference/life choice/inborn quality or whatever you call it does not entitle you to special attention or special treatment

just because some people have negative feelings toward gay people doesn't mean everything is homophobic or discriminatory

the same can be said about race, but you have people who constantly force the issue for the sake of attention and it only causes further divisions like al sharpton, jesse jackson and militant black power groups

bottom line, nobody cares if you have a butch haircut, play the games and be realistic/rational and stop thinking you are more important than me just because you are gay, after all i like girls too

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