Black Desert – Interview with Daum Games Europe for action online game

MMOculture: Back in 2014, I attended ChinaJoy 2014 and managed to have a chat with the Director of Overseas Business of South Korea developer, PearlAbyss. I was lucky enough to find out and report that Daum Games, the gaming arm of Korean giant Daum Communications, will not just be publishing Black Desert in South Korea, but for the Western markets (North America and Europe) as well.

Fast forward a year later, Daum Games Europe is born, and the team is now working to localize Black Desert for the anxious Western gamers. I managed to get hold of Oli, Community Manager of Daum Games Europe, to find out more about the company, and information about the game’s progress. Note that I avoided questions related to in-game content, as Black Desert still being worked on.

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