Gay Girls Who Game: Fat Princess, Civilization Revolution, and more

Trish Bendix writes:

"This week on Gay Girls Who Game, Tracy and Angela have Tracy's "mum" on to answer your questions, both gaming and non-gaming. She reveals secrets of Tracy's gaming habits as a kid, as well as some other rather embarrassing stories."

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Tsalagi4360d ago

I come in here expecting to see a video featuring two hot lesbian gamers and get these two sea cows instead?! My dreams of prime videogame related fapping material have been destroyed!!!!

rCrysis4360d ago

the story picture is so misleading =[

Chubear4360d ago

I never heard of this show before but I did enjoy it.

JsonHenry4360d ago

I don't believe they are lesbians. They must prove to me. EAT THAT CRAB CARPET GIRL!

DavidMacDougall4360d ago

Aim for the face and RUN!!!!

FantasyStar4360d ago

Call me a pig if you want, but dammit I expected 2 hot lesbians!

Death4360d ago

How does their show benefit by stating their sexual preference? Would the game content really change if we didn't know?


tristefish4359d ago

It's probably to create a space where every comment isn't offensive to them. It's very common for like-minded people to create communities for themselves. Like this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.