Jimmy Kimmel's 'Let's Play' Was Unfunny, Uncomfortable And Unproductive

Forbes: In what is (dear god, hopefully) the grand conclusion of Jimmy Kimmel’s foray into YouTube/Twitch game streaming, the late night host sat down with two YouTube Let’s Play-ers to try and figure out what all the fuss was about.

The segment was…uncomfortable to say the least, with Kimmel making bad jokes and his guests not exactly bringing the heat when it came to compelling “watch other people play video games” content.

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DarkOcelet1140d ago

Came for the video, stayed for the keyblade in the back and Markiplier, i like his personality outside of his gaming videos. I really think he is a great guy.

And on topic of the video, i really think people need to lighten up.

thekhurg1140d ago

Conan's video game series is the gold standard that other copycats should try to achieve.

His Mortal Kombat X and Witcher 3 skits are absolutely hilarious.

3-4-51139d ago

Jimmy Kimmel isn't a really nice or likable person.

People have been saying it for years, and it kind of shows when you watch his show.

He just comes across as a bit arrogant and that he looks down on everyone else.

It gets annoying after a while, and although he was good on the Man Show, he hasn't really been that funny since.

Some gamers overreacted, but also he is a bit out of touch with reality + he's not very likable = The results we've seen thus far.

Conan doesn't like games but at least he makes it funny.

Jimmy Fallon you can tell actually enjoys games so it's a bit easier watching him present it, but also he seems to like everyone and everything so there is that too.

Colbert wouldn't be this unlikable about it either and neither would Dave.

Septic1140d ago

So many people made such a big fuss about this so I finally checked it out and its not even that bad?

For the people overreacting, grow up ffs.

srusli1140d ago

Kimmel sucks balls.... Jimmy Fallon is way way better

Sunny_D1140d ago

Oh yeah, the constant fake laughter and clapping for almost anything is so great. Don't forget the constant repeating of guests after they say a sentence...

Sunny_D1139d ago

Nah, I just enjoy genuine people.

DragonDDark1140d ago

Well, I think he really should stop with this joke.. and I can't believe people are taking his bait.

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The story is too old to be commented.