'Metal Gear Solid 5' And 'The Witcher 3:' What's Happening With Video Games?

Forbes: "It was hard to not be a little cynical about AAA games in 2014. We saw broken releases, lackluster sequels, and halfhearted sequels. Even the relative successes were mostly fine: game of the year mostly went to Dragon Age: Inquisition, a solid, but ultimately unremarkable RPG. Far Cry 4 was a fine follow-up to Far Cry 3, but it felt rote in the light of its predecessor. Watch Dogs fell flat, Destiny launched real weird. By the time we reached the second holiday season for the Xbox One/PS4 generation, I still couldn’t recommend any of my friends upgrade. Today, however, I’m playing Metal Gear Solid 5. And I’m feeling much, much better."

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DarkOcelet1230d ago

I am glad that we are getting great video games this year. In my personal opinion, The Evil Within was the best 2014 game along with Alien Isolation and Wolfenstein. The rest were just overhyped and under delivered.

Skate-AK1230d ago

Looks like I lucked out. I have all three of those games. Got the Plat for Wolfenstien but only played to chapter 3 on Evil Within and haven't started Alien Isolation yet. Backlog is just too crazy at the moment. I buy games way quicker than I can 100% them.

freshslicepizza1230d ago

we are finally getting into the groove with these new systems but as primarily a pc gamer i can't help but feel a bit underwhelmed so far to what they offer. right now there is only a small handful of games that show why anyone would upgrade. bloodborne, forza horizon 2, sunset overdrive, destiny and smaller titles. games like the witcher 3 are on the pc and are the platform of choice if you want the best possible version. even mgs5 on the pc is the better platform.

now we are heading into the fall with games like forza 6 and halo 5 and sony with tearaway which is mostly a vita port and some japanese games. it's no wonder they are pushing indie games so much. exclusives don't seem to be playing a major role as they used to. makes sense too with how much investment they take.

the wii u is probably the best partner to go with a pc since the ps4 and xbox one are more like the pc, just more mainstream and economic.

Thatguy-3101230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

We're at a point where they have to do a lot to impress. Last yr games were ok but nothing mind blowing. Games like The last of Us, the Witcher, MGS V are making developers up their game because we know how far a gaming experiences can go.

Septic1230d ago

Forza Horizon 2 was and is still incredible. Thats a title that really dampens any next gen blues. One of the best racers ever for me. Yes ever!

Titanfall was great especially if you are a competitive shooter fan even though it didn't match the stratospheric levels of hype.

Bloodborne was amazing, especially for someone like me who never played the Souls games. A niche title yeah but one if you can get into, is a work of art.

So yeah, this gen started a lot like the last one with its slowish starts but with some classic gems. But next year, say goodbye to that drought because :

Uncharted 4
Sea of Thieves
Quantum Break
The Last Guardian

So much next year that the bank account will be the real problem.

Gemmol1230d ago

Wii U got great games, so in my opinion if you only had 1 system either ps4 or Xbox one then yeah I agree games were so boring, but if you had a Wii U and ps4 or Xbox one then you had a great time with this gen, or if you had a Wii U alone while waiting for great deals on ps4 or Xbox one that was a great way to go to because they have some really good deals for ps4 where u get 3 games and a ps4 for 400......I feel sorry for yall sony only or Microsoft only or sony and Microsoft only fans, yall miss out on great games on Wii U

remixx1161230d ago

I hate the word niche, not sure why but I'm not a fan it, oh well.

BG115791230d ago

Not even a word about Bloodborne in this article... Hummmm...

nyctophilia131230d ago

Alien Isolation was easily my GOTY last year. And Wolfenstein definitely had a fantastic campaign.

Hk85karlsson1230d ago

ME:Shadow of Mordor was pretty darn good (sleeper hit for sure).
Don't you agree?

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StrayaKNT1230d ago

Fh2 and Sso were the best games of last year.Fh2 should have won GOTY but we all know it's Impossible these days for a racer to win GOTY.

Griever1230d ago

SSO? LoL. It might be a decent game but not GTOY material. Forza? Man they arrive every 6 months. Nobody cares except the die-hard Xbox fanboys. Try playing something other than a Halo, Gears and Forza once in a while. There are much better games out there.

Septic1230d ago

Forza arrives every 6 months? What are you on about? This is the SECOND Horizon game and it schooled all other arcade racers in its genre.

"There are much better games out there."

Okay Griever, name me one console exclusive better than Halo or a racer better than Horizon 2 lately?

Volkama1230d ago

I enjoyed Gears of War 4. I don't really know why they called it Sunset Overdrive though. It was clear to me and Griever that it was actually a Gears of War game, but I'm not sure it was so obvious to sane people.

Lennoxb631230d ago

"There are much better games out there."

When it comes to competitive MP, no there isn't. There's no game on any other platform that competes with the MP games MS pumps out. So why stop making them?

Killzone is no match for Halo. There's no third person shooter MP game that sells as much as Gears. Or plays as well. And there's no sim racer or arcade racer that competes with Forza. The new need for speed is up for debate.

r2oB1230d ago

@ septic

Although Griever clearly exaggerated in regards to the frequency of their releases, he has a point. Forza is pretty much a yearly franchise, so despite them being good games, they don't have the same impact as games that actually win GOTY. And Straya is correct in stating its very unlikely a racer would win GOTY since its not a genre as prevelant as others.

And what I think he meant by "there are much better games out there" is in regards to variety, which is why he mentioned the Halo, Gears, Forza combo. There is no denying Microsoft has road that train for a very, very long time. What began as a rotating schedule has become them releasing the same franchises within the same year (TMCC and Forza H2 in 2014; Gears UE, Halo 5, Forza 6 in 2015; and likely Gears 4, Halo Wars 2, Forza H3 in 2016). To be fair, it seems Microsoft has learned from this which is why they are investing in exclusives of other genres like Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Cup head, Sea of thieves, and Recore. Let's just hope they keep it up because having their tried-and-true franchises along with new franchises would be a great thing.

@ Lennoxb63

You are right, Killzone can't match Halo. But Uncharted as a franchise has sold more than Gears and is rated higher. And I reckon GT can compete with Forza on the sim racer front considering as a franchise it has sold monumentally more and is also rated higher. As far as arcade racers go, Horizon is a breath of fresh air on the Forza franchise, very good games. As far as competition goes I would say Driveclub is doing a good job considering it's a new IP.

bradleejones1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

@lennoxb3. Uncharted says hi.
Edit: damn, beat me to it. A lot of non ps3 owners don't know that Uncharted has some of the best multiplayer out there, and is insanely popular. Especially UC2

cyber_daemonx1230d ago

@Septic, 'Name me one console exclusive better than Halo...’

Easy, Bloodborne.

As for driving game, I reckon the next GT will give Forza a run for it's money, (eventually) lol.

nosferatuzodd1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Lennox63you crack me up , you say there's no third person game that can match gears lol well uncharted and lost of us have something to say about that and you said it tricky too you said in sales because you know deep down those two games are better than gears but if your going off sales then I can do that too ,grand tourismo wipe the floor with forza every day of the week in sales if that's what makes a good game in youre book..

GT sold 11 million copy every time one drops go look it up all games sold 70million copy combined so youre argument is null and void
You always say if a game sold more than the other then the one sold the most is the better game but when grand t destroy forza in sales oh just because it sell well that doesn't mean it's better than forza lol bias much

gangsta_red1226d ago

"Try playing something other than a Halo, Gears and Forza once in a while."

Like Sunset Overdrive as he stated? I'm sure he has played other games for the Xbox One, have you?

Or are you just here to dictate what others should and shouldn't be doing with their gaming time?

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psuedo1230d ago

Until Dawn is pretty badass.

poppinslops1230d ago

I thought 2014 was great... Titanfall, Wolfenstien, Forza Horizon 2, Shadow of Mordor, Sunset Overdrive, Farcry 4 (I didn't play 3) and Dragon Age: Inquisition were great games that ate a lot of my time - some of them still do.

Yeah, None of them were as amazing as 'Wild Hunt', but you could say that about any game, regardless of when it released... I reckon it's the best game since Red Dead Redemption.

XabiDaChosenOne1230d ago

Infamous Second Son was great last year.

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