“It’s the Japanese, Run” – Overseas gamers tired of playing Splatoon with Inklings from Japan

RN24: Online console gaming has been thriving for over a decade now, and ostensibly it should have brought gamers from all over the world into contact with one another as competitors and co-op teammates. In practice, though, regional differences in preferred genres, aesthetics, and overall play styles have meant that Japanese and Western gamers haven’t crossed paths all that terribly often.

At least until Nintendo released Splatoon this year for the Wii U, that is. Combining the team-based shooter Western gamers have so embraced with the colorful quirkiness that their Japanese counterparts have always been fond of, Splatoon’s popularity is bridging the oceans. This is giving overseas Inklings a chance to play with gamers in Japan…or to complain about them online and devise strategies to avoid them.

Comb through tweets with the hashtags “Splatoon” and “Japanese,” and you’ll quickly spot a common sentiment.

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Majin-vegeta1138d ago

Its simple its called"High pingers"Its a thing that affects all games BF4 is notorious for this.

Just watch this it explains how high pingers affect a game.

Mega_Volnutt1136d ago

Also, it doesn't even matter if you play with a Google Fiber connection, which is 1 gbps, you will still lag anyways. The ping is the most important factor here. If you're below 100 ping, it will be an ok experience.

DiscoKid1137d ago

Night or day, sometimes I'm in rooms with nothing but Japanese players. Honestly, I don't notice any ping-related hindrances or skill differences playing with them. An option to play regionally would be fine, but it really makes zero difference for me personally.

freshslicepizza1136d ago

this game is perfect to play with japanese gamers because it does not offer voice chat. i can't recall many if any japanese gamers who use voice chat in the online sessions i've played in the past. mainly fighting games.

the biggest problem was always connection issues. japanese gamers can be very good and almost always kick my ass in fighting games. i have no problem with that and never rage quit. it's just laggy a lot of times.

N4g_null1137d ago

I built my rank off japan lol. Could it be that the noobs are just looking for an excuse.

Concertoine1137d ago

I dont have too much trouble with them, i find it funny how much success they have with weapons that the west never uses though. Blasters and brushes are very overlooked but they get insane results with them.

I dont think anyone can deny they s*** themselves when they see that Kanji badass with an S+ rank and a krak-on roller.

KaladinStormblessed1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Yeah I never have any problems with them either, though I do admit I have some insanely fast internet speeds. it would seem that it's just a bunch of western noobs that just need to #getgudd. I see their complaints on miiverse all the time, makes me laugh. I honestly never use blasters or ink brushes, I just stick with my NZap '85.

Concertoine1137d ago

Me too dude! Maybe the Nzap is just the counter to them. I often wipe teams with it, probably japanese ones more than western ones.

Splattershot Pro and Nzap are my go to's, depending on the maps.

Munnkyman1137d ago

I've never have had trouble, but a lot of times I get stuck with crappy players from here and japan

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