PlayTM: Producer David Rutter explains FIFA 09

PlayTM writes: "We recently had the pleasure of a little hands-on time with FIFA 09, at EA's UK HQ in Surrey. David Rutter, producer of the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of the title, was in town to tell us more about this latest footballing opus, which EA Sports believe to be their best FIFA to-date.

Q: I gather you're based in Vancouver, Canada. What's it like developing a football game in a country where football isn't a popular sport?

A: Its interesting. More than anything this is because the team making FIFA are of eighteen different nationalities. The vast majority are British, European, Japanese South American and Korean. We have one American, and a handful of Canadians. The guys that are Canadian are actually remarkably good football players. You'd be really surprised. Some of the guys out there are really hardcore football fans. You can get more football on TV now and its good."

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