Blu-ray to outsell DVD by 2011, says Sony Pictures

Citing the latest market reports available, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Asia Pacific vice president Tim Meade has confided that the company believes sales of Blu-ray Discs will beat out that of standard definition DVDs by the year 2011.

According to the market reports, global sales of BD movies will rise from 9 percent at the end of 2007 to about 25 percent of all market share by the end of this year, and that the number was already at about 20 percent as of July.

As a ratio, Meade says DVDs will hold a 75:25 percent lead over their HD counterparts by the end of 2008 and a 60:40 lead by the end of 2010 before losing out in 2011 by a margin that could be as small as 48:52.

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Viktor E4360d ago

I wonder where HD DVD will be in 2011

Montrealien4360d ago

They are not making HD-DVD anymore, did you miss the memo? I would presume you would have that news framed on your ceiling for those lonely nights.

lawman11084360d ago

They keep charging $29 bucks for the SAME movie that is on normal DVD they can kiss it good bye....NOBODY besides you tech nuts will shell out that much for movies when they know they can get the same for $12-15 bucks.........VERY few movies could do that, maybe Star Wars in BD could move a bunch but when their stand alone players are $500 plus dollars FORGET IT ! I know you PS3 lovers hate to hear it but in NA at least half of the people who bought a PS3 did it because the Best Buy sales person told them that system played BD and THAT was the next big thing. I agree that by 2011 we will be using on demand or downloads to watch movies. Even movie theaters look old next to the 40 plus inch flat screen 1080 p HD DVD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4360d ago

'I wonder where HD DVD will be in 2011???'
With all the xBox 360 in a Car-Boot sale!!! ;-D

yesah4360d ago

uhh, he was making a joke... or did you miss the memo?

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ElementX4360d ago

LOL, 2011. By that time people will just have On Demand for all their movie needs, in addition to downloading.

cahill4360d ago

a company that is dying slowly
The only people who streams movies are pirates

Physical media will remain forever. DD is just a niche thing. It will never take off

ElementX4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Um, no it isn't. Look at satellite/cable tv providers. They have like 10 channels of on demand and ppv in my area, with even more if you have satellite television. Who wants to spend $25 on a movie you'll only see once or twice?

Sure it's nice to have a hard copy of a movie, but out of the 70 movies I own, I've watched most of them only 2 times. I've watched Fight Club (my favorite movie) about 15 times, so I got my money's worth on that DVD.

I'd rather buy an on demand film for $4.95 than pay for a Blu-ray

Montrealien4360d ago

imho, by the time Bu-ray holds the market as the main Media for HD-Movies, or movies in general, it will be in the middle of a whole new format war. And 2011 is a good estimate but people will still be buying and watching DvDs by that time also.

Shane Kim4360d ago

By 2011 Blu Ray movies will probably be alot cheaper.

The Wood4360d ago

people like hard copies of things. music, because of its size, is the exception to the rule but movies are large and a tangible media will always be viable. Sometimes people just want to sell things on. Bow down to DD like elementX wants us to and you can say goodbye to borrowing, lending or selling things on. The people who seem to push DD seem to be the people that want to charge you for themes and name changes

IzKyD13314360d ago

while i do agree that digital distribution does make alot of sense, the non-techy public believes in the "you can't own it if you dont physically have it"

my PS3 has like 20 movies on its hard drive(i have a 200 GB HDD if your wondering) and watching any of them is very convenient, they all stay at the same place where i know they are there

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cahill4360d ago

in both europe and Japan
If US economy strengthens then the same thing will happen in US too

Montrealien4360d ago

no way, I can't agree with that. Blu-ray will make strides in the next few years, that's for sure but 2009? no way.

TheExecutive4360d ago

Maybe and I mean maybe late '10 BD will be coming up on 40% of the market share. I do think that their prediction is pretty accurate though. Sometime in '11 Bluray will have overtaken DVD.

La Chance4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

aka tanod/shmee/nasim/ and the list goes on, looks you know better than sony themselves.

Mario184360d ago

lol, nasim is seriously the biggest fanboy out there next to TheFART

Megatron084360d ago

Big surprise there what you think they were going to say "Oh sh1t we're in the middle of a depression and people dont want to spend 1000's of dollars buying movies they already own"

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Fishy Fingers4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

HD-DVD outsells BR/DVD ten fold in my house. I started buying them after they went belly up, the picture quality is equal to that of BR and I can buy them for a few £ each of ebay :)

I know in the long term it's a pointless investment, but they still work and their cheap as chips!

Edit: You disagree, how do you know what I buy? I've also got 32 BR movies if that makes you feel better.

dcbronco4360d ago

At least 3 or 4 years from now, when both formats are gone, you will have at least gotten the HD DVDs cheaply.

Viktor E4360d ago

It truly amazes me how Sony can constantly Re-energize and Revolutionize the Technology Industry,and provide the definitive Format and Video Game Platform for Billions of Households Worldwide

ElementX4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

"Constantly Re-energize and Revolutionize the Technology Industry"? LOL! Look up Betamax, Minidisc, and UMD and tell me how they revolutionize the technology industry. All three of those formats FAILED.

The Wood4360d ago

cant you take it that blu ray won this format war. Maybe you should make a DD petition or something and like ive said before ill believe DD is the de facto and blu ray is dead when im downloading MGS4 off xbl umkay

Viktor E4360d ago

This makes one wonder,will the Japanese Giant be the first to unveil and perfect 3D Gaming?Every sign points to a Yes.

ElementX4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

I know Bluray won the format war, however, I was simply stating a few of Sony's ideas that didn't catch on. How can people disagree with facts? Those other formats did fail

Anyway, look at the music industry. Nobody buys CDs anymore. A lot of people buy stuff on iTunes or download illegally. A hard copy isn't always what people want.

@below. You could buy movies through the cable company, i dunno. Think of how fast television transmissions are, you can watch live tv. You don't have to wait for movies/programs to cache when you turn on cable or satellite. Say you could record movies in HD to your DVR or something, it's just a thought.

The Wood4360d ago

are a different kettle of fish altogether. Imagine the time it would take to download Transformers. Yeah you may have some government type connection that comes with no download limit but the rest of the world do not.

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