How would you change Apple's iPhone 3G?

Darren Murph writes:

"It has technically been available for three weeks today (and a few hours in the US, but who's counting?), although we're confident quite a few of you are still waiting to actually hold your very own iPhone 3G."

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Fishy Fingers3819d ago

Id have it factory coated with this >

In fact, everything should be coated with this!

Imallvol73819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

BATTERy LIFE. I can't have a cell phone, no matter how cool it is, that won't last a whole day.

Also, I would allow people to make their own ring tones using bitpim.

I would get better service plans and more text message options.

Allow to send video messaging.

Etc, etc. I do have a touch though.

HyperBear3819d ago

By not giving the iPhone to Rogers in Canada for them to screw us over on. They knew that everyone was waiting for the iPhone to come to Canada, then their like "AHAHAHAH, we have the exclusive liscence and we'll charge all of you suckers a lot for absolutley nothing, HAHAHA CHOKE ON THAT". Thats basically their motto: "Take what you can, give nothing back", i on the other hand, am waiting for my Samsung Omnia to arrive. Wayyy better than any dumbass iPhone

Elimin83819d ago

Agree on you guys getting screwed by rogers, but i am yet to see a phone better than the iphone.

khellendros13819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Battery life is definitely one thing I would change. I could deal with it being a little thicker if it meant having a battery that lasts the whole day. Media messaging would be nice but the battery is a much bigger concern.

SuperSaiyan43819d ago

Waiting for the iPhone killer which is a full smart phone, 5mp camera and has tons more than the iPhone 3G...I welcome you all to the Samsung Omnia i900.

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