Gaming Nexus: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Do we really need a portable Guitar Hero game? That is the question I asked out loud when I first heard that Activision and RedOctane were considering bringing their hugely popular franchise to the Nintendo DS. While I love rocking the fake plastic guitar at home, I wondered if it would be the same on the go. It turns out that my skepticism was justified, because Guitar Hero: On Tour, Activision's first portable Guitar Hero game, turns out to be nothing more than a lame cover band masquerading as the real deal.

First things first, Guitar Hero: On Tour actually comes with its own accessories, much like it's console brother. In order to play the game you have to attach a fret board to your Game Boy Advance game port. This addition not only increases the size of your Nintendo DS, but it also makes the game feel more like a traditional Guitar Hero game. And believe me, you definitely need that attachment, because it's about the only thing in the game that resembles a real Guitar Hero game."

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