Two hours of Forza 6 gameplay with commentary

Brent at Eggplante gave a lengthy first look at the retail version of Forza Motorsport 6!

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FlexLuger1141d ago

It gets a bit frusrating watching these vids...Here I am with my copy fully downloaded and ready to play...but I cant play it until the tenth. At least I will be playing it earlier than its release date. But still......

Three more days man!

RedCloud881140d ago

Personally, given what we lose in going digital(lending/trading, actually owning the disc with it's nice case and booklet) I think we should be getting every game at least a week prior to release. And in the event people get their copies early, our digital copies should be unlocked as well.

FlexLuger1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Yh, it would be sweet. Not to bothered about the trade off though. I never lend my games even when it was OG Xbox/PS2/GC days. Knowing my lot they will use the case as a beer coaster or somewhere to place an ashtray...Now Im all digital that dont ask anyway!

I just tell em "get yer own, my brotha!" lol

Me-Time1140d ago

lol a coaster. the inside gets used as an ashtray if they unhinge it

iistuii1140d ago

I'd love to be playing it in 3 days time, but I just can't justify £81-99 for the digital ultimate edition here in the UK. I will just have to wait gggrrrr..

poppinslops1140d ago

There's a crew of drifting fanatics whose Youtube channel is called 'theslaptrain1' - one of them also has an early copy of FM6... if you want a proper look at the customisation menus, or just want to see a 2017 Ford Raptor drifting in the rain, check it out.