Rising Thunder Interview With Tom Cannon – PAX Prime 2015

Newgamernation writes:
Newgamernation loves a good fighting game and almost every time a new one pops up I jump on it to learn the nitty gritty. However there are lots of folks who aren’t like me and most fighting games just scare them away with all the nuances and precise inputs. For those looking to dive into a fighting game, but are too intimidated by game like Street Fighter, may I introduce to you Rising Thunder. Rising Thunder boils the game down to the basics. No half circles or button combinations to pull of a fireball. This simplicity gets rid of most execution and lets players focus on the fun part, beating up their friends. After going undefeated for the day (1-0) I got to speak with Tom Cannon the CEO of Radiant Entertainment. Check out the interview below.

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