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Matt Ferguson of [email protected] writes "Until Dawn is one such example of a horror game that has worked exceptionally hard to create a cast and craft a narrative that almost forces you to become invested in the story. While the story leans on the cheesy B-movie archetype a little heavily, Supermassive Games has created a captivating adventure that keeps your adrenaline pumping and your mind guessing throughout the majority of the game."

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IamTylerDurden11136d ago

Everywhere i look i see 8's and 9's for Until Dawn, ppl are going wild for this game, it's really impacted the industry. This game is opening alot of eyes.

Phenomenal game with a terrific Butterfly effect system, Super Massive and Sony hit a Grandslam with this one.

Hayden is a game-goddess.

IamTylerDurden11136d ago

It's also a perfect game to stream, excited to what Super Massive does with Morpheus VR.

MetalGear811136d ago

Another great review for an exclusive game

ninsigma1136d ago

A shame none of these reviews are going on metacritic. It's still sitting at 79 there.

vikingland11136d ago

Yes but the user reviews are sitting at 8.1 so that's good.

ninsigma1136d ago

Yeah good call! Users is all that matters in the end really!

TricksterArrow1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Which just goes to show that the Metacritic system is terribly flawed... Really, what makes a review more "accurate" than the next? Number of views? Website popularity? Pff.

ninsigma1136d ago

Yeah it's awful. Found out recently as well that it's weighted depending on popularity among those that are accepted. So an ign review would be weighted more than a lesser site so it's score (among other big name sites) will basically determine if the overall score will go up or down which is ridiculous and untrustworthy. I understand why it's done like that but at a time where we know how the journalists are communicating and discussing what should be said and done about topics in a biased was in an email group, this model just doesn't work.

akurtz1136d ago

i always look at the 0s in the user reviews and theyre not even reviews, theyre purely troll.

NewMonday1136d ago


Until Dawn is very popular on social networks and received tons of positive coverage in games media and even mainstream media. the result is the game flying off the shelf and selling out in many stores. even after the release of MGS5PP people are still talking about it and more websites picking it up to review it, leading to even more sales.

much more important than when games score 8 or 9 but few in the gaming community actually care and talk about it.

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izumo_lee1136d ago

It is nice to see that all the speculation at the beginning was that the game was going to be god awful wasn't warranted. That the game is a pleasant surprise and actually a very well crafted experience.

When you have all the big name Youtube celebrities playing the 'hell' out of this game & telling their fans to buy the game its gonna draw attention. So hopefully the sales of the game will be good.

There is literally nothing like it on the market right now that is as unique as Until Dawn. It's accessible & easy to play & it can make a good party game.

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