Dreamcast Emulator to be ported to PS3, Wii and Pandora? - NullDC

drk||Raziel has posted some very interesting news for fans of his Dreamcast Emulator and also those interested in getting a Pandora Console and owners of PS3 and Nintendo Wii

"After the code is cleaned up/rewriten there are plans to port to pandora and possibly other consoles (wii seems like a nice target, ps3 if theres a way to get 3D access). ALL THIS MAY(OR MAY NOT) COME AFTER THE CODE IS REWRITEN, SO DONT ASK ABOUT IT NOW(you'l just waste your time, realy). The code will be open sourced as soon as it gets stable."

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SickNick854313d ago

oh my god...i like dreamcast game and i really want to play on my 60 gb ps3

ps2,ps3 and dreamcast game...

gaffyh4313d ago

How would they do this on PS3 though? cos they can't access the RSX from Linux yet right? If they can do it then that is awesome.

shazam4313d ago

but there is enough power in cell alone to emulate dreamcast. but he would have to be a skilled programmer that knows how to use the spus.

uie4rhig4313d ago

if you read the actual post (even if its only the part on N4G) it says "ps3 if theres a way to get 3D access" lol

anyway.. i think its possible with BD-J, like the other games? or not?

Darksaviour694313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

since BD-J is java based, no.

you can get emulators written in java but they are no were as near as eefficient a C++. This nes,GB, Master system emus would be the best you could hope for va BD-J. still better than nothing (also it so easy to get BD-J homebrew running)

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Fishy Fingers4313d ago

PS3 wise surely access to the RSX will be required? If so it isn't going to happen.

n00bzRtehgey4313d ago

NullDC is good. I use it on PC. It's not perfect, but it's the best out there.


Sega games - people still like the games that are over 10 years old.

Wouldnt it be nice if Sega did bring out a new console with Sega Rally 3,Virtua Fighter 6,Shenmue 3 and a brand new Panzer Dragoon Saga like rpg.........

Their games were just so damn playable - they just felt 'right'

*Reminises about THAT final looooong corner of first track on Sega Rally*

TheColbertinator4313d ago

@Jedi Wolverine

Totally agree with you about the Dreamcast.One of the best consoles ever made.

yanikins1114313d ago

that corner, was pretty much the embodyment of video game perfection....


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